Day of the 7 reopen after a cessation of business at the beginning of good year, new Year receives odd-numbered days, the price that everybody cares colophony and double raw material how, according to individual judgement, colophony price big probability is to go up to drop more little. Before the Spring Festival, because have a holiday downstream, content shedding halts use, clinch a deal exiguous, the market appears very cold and cheerless, but double raw material been beginninging progressively get warm again after a cold spell actually when those, colophony factory price also is climbed in small litre, because little person is purchased,just did not pull further just. Nearly two days, international oil price breaks through every pails of 90 dollars and 92 dollars col continuously, achieve since October 2014 new tall, two days of accumulative total, international oil price goes up greatly nearly 5% . Oil goes up, relevant product also is sure to rise. Double phenolic A should be to become its to rush in catenary of annulus oxygen industry, do not give an accident, pulling those who move colophony price to rise to want an element is it. Because of this, open work work newly to clutch namely inquiry is purchased, pay a New Year call it is very important to say hello to, seasonable and right amount it is more important to purchase.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City