Recently, banner composite material is integrated division of group of —HRC and German VOSS issues one of solution providers banner manufacturer VOSS Fluid signed technology of hydraulic pressure join jointly " associated project develops an agreement " , develop solution of system of prospective Chu Qing jointly hand in hand. ACTC (HRC group member) vise general manager Dr. Timo Huber and chief inspector of HRC business development Mr Erich Fries, apparitor of VOSS Fluid banquet held president Mr Christian Mertens and project manager Dr. Hans-Christian Früh concurrently to attend an autograph to arrange a ceremony on behalf of both sides respectively.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
HRC and VOSS Fluid autograph make an appointment with a ceremony to was in Germany recently Weibaifeierte (Wipperfürth) hold     (from left arrive right) future of low carbon of Mr Erich Fries, Dr. Timo Huber, Mr Christian Mertens, Dr. Hans-Christian Früh gives travel plan all the time, and pressure vessel of composite material of the IV that has carrier of Chu Qing solution from 2019 carbon fiber is one of tasks of key research and development that serve as ACTC more take seriously what got a group energetically and support. VOSS Fluid has 90 one's remaining years as the supplier of technology of join of professional hydraulic pressure of long history is optimizing valve of its high pressure and link system ceaselessly, bilateral collaboration aims to be founded in coordination lighter, more intelligence, more efficient Chu Qing system. Director of development of ACTC pressure vessel Dr. Viktor Reimer and manager of VOSS Fluid project Dr. Hans-Christian Früh will be in charge of the specific management of the project.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
“HRC and VOSS are had in respective and professional domain deep technology is accumulated and intellectual reserve —HRC is dedicated reach its to shape at advanced composite material technology, VOSS is dedicated at hydraulic pressure connector and valve technology. The professional specialty of shirt-sleeve both sides, we offer the package with can be pressure vessel of Chu Qing of IV composite material important the solution that is sex of the look up before precede and be being had, ”HRC group author and president Mr Gu Yongtao express, “ believes this project the example that the heart in becoming two industries leading business cooperates successfully, chu Qing at the same time the solution is pushed to new height. ”
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
[about HRC]   held water 2014, HRC is one dedicated the high-tech that develops at solution of whole of advanced composite material enterprise, business is covered high-powered light quantify raw material of composite material component to reach shape design of technical research and development, engineering and industrialized quantity are produced go to wait for many domains, face and serve to be made at the car, the many targets industry such as traffic of aerospace, orbit. HRC has nearly 1000 stuff 4 times now, headquarters is located in, subsidiary is set in Germany, England and Spain. Among them center of technology of advanced composite material (ACTC) prepares to construct jointly by HRC and German Fraunhofer ICT, it is home quantity of high-powered composite material produces open type shape platform of technical research and development. Be based on advanced technological equipment and powerful technical setting, ACTC aims to support its client to innovate composite material and craft technical translate into a variety of light quantify product application plan. [about VOSS Fluid]     VOSS Fluid GmbH is the supplier of technology of hydraulic pressure join with banner international, headquarters is located in Weibaifeierte (Wipperfürth) , with VOSS Automotive GmbH collective be subordinate to belongs to VOSS Holding company. Outside dividing German headquarters, we still are in France, polish, Italy, Spain and set agency. Our relation network got agency of VOSS group each district and cent sell puissant support of the partner. This lets us can from beginning to end client of press close to. The beautiful join technology from liquid system and personalized proposal, arrive to be installed namely model custom-built pipeline system and content shed service ——VOSS Fluid to offer one-stop service.

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