On April 19, heng Rui limited company (the following abbreviation: HRC) with coating establishing state () limited company (the following abbreviation: Establish state) exhibit in 2021 Shanghai car on hold strategic collaboration autograph to arrange a ceremony. Both sides announces to will begin deepness strategy collaboration in CFRP domain, besmear of joint development CFRP installs a technology. In the meantime, the brand of both sides of have the aid of and market resource, drive CFRP to reach each in the car jointly of downstream market commercialize, dimensions turns application. Deputy secretary-general of author of technology of seat of the group when parent company establishing state stands Dr. Guan Hongjiang, HRC and association of president Mr Gu Yongtao and auto industry Mr Shi Jianhua attends this autograph to arrange a ceremony.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Mr Gu Yongtao expresses: “ establishs state is coating industry is gotten army brand, HRC is composite material comprehensive solution provider, besmear outfit is the important segment that perfects professional service, also be newer practice field at the same time. This HRC and the strategic collaboration that establish state will be one is had lead and set an example the mark sex act of the meaning, it is strong more strong together, system of outfit of besmear of CFRP of our put up with, besmear installs craft to undertake associated developing, establish relevant application standard in coordination, erect brand-new industry surveyor's pole. ”
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Dr. Hongjiang mentions picture of spot group photo: “ is light the fundamental trend that quantifies application to already made automobile industry, CFRP has development latent capacity extremely, it is ‘ direction of strategy of 945 ’ key. Current, establish the technology of coating of fine state prize with particular state to already can solve the microtherm spray of CFRP base material and exterior quality difficult problem successfully. We believe, the close cooperation of bilateral group, besmear stimulative CFRP the innovation that installs a technology upgrades, can extend CFRP broader applied market, what for carbon the carbon that amount to a peak counteracts is medium long-term goal contributes company force. ”

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15-18 December

New York City