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How to raise fibre glass and colophony between stick receive a gender

 1, glass reinforced plastics also comes ” of beautiful “ muscle

  Fibre glass increases plastic(FRP, common calls “ glass reinforced plastics ” ) it is one kind makes ” of “ bones and muscles with fibre glass, make “ muscle ” pass compound technology with not saturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic aldehyde colophony, the new profile of sex of a kind of function that make and becomes expects, a kind when serve as composite material, glass reinforced plastics because its distinct performance advantage, in furniture of building of a light boat of aerospace, railroad, boat, adornment, household, building materials Weiyu is mixed got applied extensively in the relevant industry such as environmental sanitation project.    Between " of muscle of the " of " bones and muscles of 2, analytic glass reinforced plastics, " stick receive a gender

How to raise ” of “ bones and muscles, “ muscle ” between stick receive a gender, make they maintain the relation ” with more close “ ? We know, the resin that place of glass reinforced plastics uses by what contain chemistry radical group is divided to contain polar group mixes two kinds big when do not contain polar group. The colophony to containing polar group (if epoxy resin, polyester colophony reachs phenolic aldehyde colophony,wait) with fibre glass stick the M-OH that receiving is the polar group in adopting molecular chain and fibre glass surface (M is Si, Fe, Al to wait) form chemical bond, hydrogen key and.   of cloth of axial of laid fibre glass lets fibre glass cloth and colophony come the osculatory ” with closer “ ! What form the M-OH structure of chemical bond with colophony reaction is very few, the amount that because this is formed,compares firm chemical bond is not much. The colophony to containing polar group (like polyethylene hydrocarbon kind) stick with the interface of fibre glass receiving is to rely on Fan Dehua force (namely the active force between the element) or the action such as copolymerization.    3, have wise move: Coupling agent, will help strength

But these working of dinkum colophony and fibre glass are younger, should raise fibre glass and colophony further with coupling agent between stick receive effect. To colophony of hot solid sex, the effect of silicon alkyl coupling agent is very distinct. According to chemical bond theory, what what silicon alkyl coupling agent contains is organic base the function that chemical bond forms to raise composite material between group and colophony matrix. When selecting coupling agent so, should consider to choose to contain with colophony respond base round coupling agent. To containing polar group and reactivity base for colophony of round hot solid sex, the effect of coupling agent is not distinct. Hurried of couplet of excel in idol changes the coupling agent of excel in of   of select material makings that the agent has for fixed die is to choose! Finishing must undertake to fibre glass before the glass reinforced plastics that make. The glass reinforced plastics that makes otherwise is brought about easily statified. To fibre glass, the surface undertakes handling with coupling agent commonly. Coupling agent not only the interface that can improve composite material is stuck receive, and the side effect such as the electric property that leaves to damp environment and mechanical function is distinct.

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