Composite material fights tall caustic environment with its celebrated, but to acquire ideal property, be every kinds of application to choose appropriate colophony is crucial. Complete the project with a very high demand to be in the factory of a petrifaction of the Saudi Arabia, requirement these components must of withstand hydrochloric acid corrode. For this, ollearis appeals the Atlac® colophony at AOC, this colophony has good record in the industrial process that has challenge sex.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Company of industry of sand spy base is in the solution that has cost effectiveness the burner need of total factory of petrifaction of the SADAF) before the subsidiary Petrokemya(of the Saudi Arabia is anticorrosive conduit and container. The waste gas of burner eduction contains hydrochloric acid, must use wet syringe system undertakes neutralization. Fiber enhances the tall caustic chemical that polymer composite material can bear to be involved in the place in this process, offerred than special anti-corrosive metallic alloy more economic solution. Ollearis is seasoned anti-corrosive conduit, storage tank and technological equipment manufacturer, with company of engineering of day of contractor day of this project EPC (TCC) and the engineering company John Zink Hamworthy Combustion that are in charge of combustion component cooperate, design and the compound container that make urgent cold canister, syringe and exhaust chimney place need and conduit. Ollearis chose 3 kinds of different Atlac® colophony, in order to promote the solution for having economic benefits, satisfy the function requirement of every component.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The colophony Ollearis company that suits this job chose epoxy resin of Atlac®590 phenolic aldehyde for cooling tower, this is the phase that gas purifies a process. This conduit is 11.8 meters long, internal diameter 3 meters. Its challenge depends on, when move, the waste gas that comes from burner enters cooling tower with the temperature of about 300 ℃ , next by from the spray head that approachs aeriform entrance ejective water cools quickly. Strength retains below the is able to bear or endure to suffer a gender and need in place high temperature that chooses epoxy resin of Atlac®590 phenolic aldehyde to be able to offer pair of hydrochloric acid solution. Atlac®430 is oxygen of a kind of general annulus of A of standard double phenol vinyl ester colophony, choosing it is to get used to the condition with inferior sex of the challenge in 1.45 meters 1.8 meters of internal diameter, long conduit, conduit will be urgent itself of cold canister and syringe, syringe and the exhaust chimney join that the gas that be cleaned releases are together. 14.1 meters tall syringe internal diameter is 3.5 meters, design temperature is 85 ℃ . It and the oxyhydrogen that the hydrochloric acid that enters from urgent cold chamfer exists in solution and the catharsis water that are used at counteracting acid change sodium solution to contact. 39.7 meters tall chimney has 1.3 meters internal diameter, expose in contain a few hydrochloric acid and wet in chloric air. Design temperature is 85 ℃ . Hind, atlac®382 colophony of polyester of not saturated double phenolic A holds the one share in the pipeline system all round syringe and quenching tank with Yu An. With standard vinyl ester colophony photograph is compared, this kind of colophony has the chemical property of good acid-proof sex and caustic fluid. What Ollearis uses fiber to twined craft to make urgent cold canister, syringe and chimney is cylindrical component. With use fibre glass the typical fiber of direct roving twines craft to differ, ollearis alternated in direct roving layer a few braid roving, be in thereby annulus to the mechanical performance with was obtained better up with the axis. The taller colophony content of layer of weaving roving structure also can be brought about taller be able to bear or endure chemical sex, if corrode protective screen invalidation, this is an advantage. All and other part folds a production by hand. When particular challenge is designing equipment for this project, ollearis company faces the challenge on a certain number of designs: First, the challenge comes from need to be in of cooling tower inside a tall colophony fights exterior clothe corrode block secondary floor, the course runs actually in equipment in, this block secondary floor can be appeared the risk of craze when thermal shock. The group of Ollearis company uses carbon fiber gauze to increase corrode block secondary floor, increased the heatproof concussion capacity of package. The 2nd challenge is the weight that needs to find a kind of method to prop up the filling inside syringe. Ollearis solved this problem through compound grille is being installed in filling lower part, compound grille is worn by compound wall and two compound bridge are propped up. Mural wearing and beam have hollow rectangular cross section, the wall wears profile fill to have polyurethane foam. Ollearis decides not to wear the wall direct agglutinate to arrive on syringe, because of agglutinate layer pressing plate come off intensity is relatively inferior, and pack the layer pressing plate that weight produces go up cut and come off load may make the wall is worn stick. Accordingly, mural wearing makes a process in its in by compositive to cylindrical in syringe crust. Crossbeam props up the compound nozzle in special design to go up, with syringe crust agglutinate, offerred ” of chair of a “ , the extreme of crossbeam sits over. The bottom of urgent cold canister and syringe is smooth, two kinds of container work below vacuum. This brought further challenge to Ollearis, because of flat composite material board fight pressure and vacuum ability poorer, need very thick ability to bear normally such load, this makes their production cost very high. Ollearis developed the solution with a kind of lower cost, used structure of a kind of interlining, its core is the 3D fibre glass fabric of colophony macerate, the surface is compound skin layer. This reduced cost already, reduced the weight of the component again. The composite material container of Ollearis and conduit are in this factory at was being installed 2017. Installation job goes well, EPC contractor TCC is in to conduit and container the spot is relaxed connective means is very satisfactory. Of Ollearis support AOC be able to bear or endure knowledge of chemical sex major, the specific and chemical environment that applies for every chooses ideal colophony. This resource is built be able to bear or endure in AOC colophony on the old experience foundation of chemical caustic test, be united in wedlock to make the experience that gains in multinomial eye in each district. AdrianoUreña of Ollearis technology manager expresses: “ we are able to bear or endure according to AOC the professional knowledge that chemistry corrodes guideline and group of AOC technology service, the fluid that considers client processing and detailed design temperature, select colophony kind. To this project, fluid and design condition are very typical, the colophony that needs to ensure place is designed only so can produce effect goodly below these conditions. To nonstandard fluid / design temperature combination, and contact of flame retardant, food is permitted and the technology of the special requirement such as electrical conductivity supports, of we and AOC corrode expert clasp, in order to find appropriate solution. ”

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