ToStorage tank of glass reinforced plasticsEverybody understands most propbably very much, be mix by colophonyFibre glassControl can without lid of a kind of when the machine is twined and become metalloid composite material through microcomputer. Among them the problem that resinous content is attention of a lot of users, so below the experimental measure that gives everybody introduction content of colophony of storage tank of glass reinforced plastics. (1) the regulation that sample preparation presses general principles. When test data ply is less than 5mm, the ply of sample takes primitive thickness; When test data ply is more than 5mm, maintain primitive ply, but the measure that takes other way is equal to or be less than 5mm. (2) sample visual examination sets by general principles. (3) sample is used dip in after the soft cloth that has solvent is wiped, undertake ① prevents buy 24h in hothouse handling; Dry 2h puts 80 ℃ of ② into the refrigeration inside desiccator to room temperature; (4) heat inside 600±20 ℃ Mao Fulu crucible 10~20min, put in desiccator next, refrigeration comes room temperature, say to weigh, accurate to 0.1mg. (5) the sample with good preparation is put in crucible to undertake saying to weigh, arrive accurately 0.1mg; (6) fill the crucible that has sample to put calcination undertakes inside Mao Fulu: ① warms up 350~400 ℃ , half hour is controlled, ② warms up to 600±20 ℃ , till sample all medium carbon disappear entirely. Glass reinforced plastics of oxygen of this moment annulus, polyester all needs the left and right sides 30 minutes, phenolic aldehyde glass reinforced plastics needs 90~120 minute. (7) take out the crucible that contains odd-come-short from inside Mao Fulu, put in the refrigeration inside desiccator to undertake saying to weigh arriving accurately 0.1mg. (8) repeat calcination, constant temperature, cooling, say to weigh, know twice to say heavy result does not differ 1mg till. Above is the experimental measure that content of colophony of storage tank of glass reinforced plastics detects, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody. More and detailed report pays close attention to of answer ability network please

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