As a result of the distinctive property that carbolic accept rice manages, it studies in science and commercial application respect has very great sense. A of university of Si Dade blocking Er new papers studied how atomic structure affects the different character of material. Researcher says: “ is current, the measurement that carbolic accept rice is in charge of the standard is too little, also do not have appropriate classified system, I studied crystallization spends pair of not congenial influences, be like the flexural rigidity of pipe and conductivity. ”Well-known, if pipe has a perfect atomic structure, these character are met very outstanding, however, there is this kind of circumstance happening rarely in reality. Contrary, researcher observes, tube wall by " of all sorts of large " grain medley and into, have good orderly and atomic structure. The size of these grain, impose other limitation, make material has different character. Canal of carbolic accept rice is the very thin and light hollow canal that comprises by carbolic atom, tube wall has an atom only thick. The black lead that tube wall resembles cylinder of a piece of roll into piece, the design of hexagon formed this Zhang Pian. Because its are distinctive machinery, electric,mix hot property, canal of carbolic accept rice studies for science and industry and commercial application offerred tremendous potential, be in for example composite material industry, but use field is more extensive than this. Researcher says the grain     of ideal design: "The irregular sex to material function effect that I studied to differ in atomic structure degree, to study atomic structure, I used the transmission electron microscope here. This microscope uses a bundle of electron and not be visible light will analyse data, this makes us possible in accept rice class (namely billion 1/0 meters) on observation pipe, this is those who make a person fab is small. For example, my research makes clear, function always is not completely linear to order of the atomic inside tube wall and periodic dependence, and have a few critical point, spend through increasing a bit crystallization merely can improve performance considerably. This is an absorbing result, show the token method that is necessary to be in charge of to carbolic accept rice has more research and development, so that will correct pipe is used at true purpose, develop the production methods of pipe further. "  of   of electron microscope of     transmission uses this kind of technology, you can bypass the resolution of visible light is restricted, namely about one micron, and low to rice of about 100 skins, namely 0.1 accept rice, this enough solves individual atom. Inside the microscope of this university, still can operate with a custom-built bougie canal of carbolic accept rice, this bougie can be on accept rice level undertake controlling. Relevant personnel says: "Our electron microscope is located in 21 rooms, but it is complete the oscillatory segregation of as other as the house place, if microscope and house have a contact, need a person to ambulate on the corridor outside the room only, vibration can make image ambiguous, cannot use. "The   of applied domain   that rice of accept of     carbon is in charge of today, canal of carbolic accept rice has application in a lot of different products, researcher continues to explore the creativity new method that uses this kind of data, canal of carbolic accept rice can be found in all sorts of composite material, for example, in the athletic equipment such as tennis racket and bicycle, because it can increase strength, can reduce weight again at the same time. As a result of its conductivity, it is very useful also in all sorts of electron products, and still have more and peculiar use waiting for us.

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