We know, temperature and sunshine can affect resinous of not saturated polyester store time. It is colophony of not saturated polyester or common colophony no matter actually, store temperature with current area temperature 25 Celsius are optimal. On this foundation, temperature is lower, period of efficacy of resinous of not saturated polyester is longer; Temperature is higher, period of efficacy is shorter.

Colophony need is sealed in original vessel store, prevent monomer to volatilize loss and outside impurity fall. And store the bucket lid of the resinous bucket that pack cannot be use copper or copper alloy makes, had better be the cap that pledges with polyethylene, pvc and other metal ability.

Generally speaking, below high temperature circumstance, it is OK to should avoid sunshine to bask in the bucket that pack directly only. But shelf life still can be affected, because be below high temperature weather, resinous gel time can shorten a lot of, if be the colophony with bad quality, meet even direct solidify is inside the bucket that pack. Because this is during high temperature, if the condition allows, had better be to be put in temperature constant the setting is saved inside the air conditioning storehouse for 25 Celsius, if manufacturer does not have storehouse of preliminary air conditioning, that must notice to shorten resinous deposits time.

Those who need special attention is, the colophony of mixture styrene must want to be handled according to combustible hydrocarbon, prevent to catch fire. To depositing storehouse of this kind of resinous workshop must want to have very strict government, do good fire prevention to prevent at any time light the job.

Saturated polyester colophony machines the safe item that must notice in the process in the workshop

1, agent of colophony, solidify, accelerant is tinderbox, must note fire prevention. Partial accelerant and colophony must be deposited apart, cause explosive.2, production extremely easily otherwise inside the workshop must ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade and cannot have bright fire. 3, what manufacturing workshop must keep enough is ventilated. About the workshop ventilated have two kinds of forms, one kind is to maintain indoor air loop, so that eliminate the volatile of styrene at any time. Because of styrene vapour photograph to air density relatively greatly, the styrene chroma that relies on floor office so is opposite also taller, because the platoon a place with a draught inside this workshop had better install the place in ground of press close to. Another kind is equipment of tool of have the aid of wind of local to operating an area to undertake platoon. Install air exhauster alone for instance, take the steam of high concentration styrene that operates area eduction, always suck wind what perhaps install through the workshop to be in charge of a platoon to take flue gas. 4, the accident that breaks out to answer, manufacturing workshop should have two export at least. 5, the colophony that deposits in manufacturing workshop interior and all sorts of accelerant cannot pass much, a few best depositing. 6, had not used, but the colophony that has added accelerant should transfer safe place to be deposited dispersedly, prevent to accumulate a large number of quantity of heat to cause explosive on fire thereby by oneself in accumulation. 7, once leak of colophony of not saturated polyester is met,cause fire, eduction of the meeting in this process has mephitis body to endanger person health, because this must want,adopt lash-up measure to undertake handling.

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