On the base that considering colophony viscosity, mechanical function, heat-resisting performance integratedly, developed apply toCarbon fiber composite materialRocket motor housing is wet twine shape craft is used high temperature resistant with matrix of tenacity epoxy resin. Show scanning type to measure hot law F DSC) , Fourier with difference technology of analyse of divide into equal parts of infra-red and spectral FT- IR is right the research that the solidify of matrix of this tenacity colophony reacts the function of the function of condensate of matrix of kinetic parameter, colophony and composite material had a system. The result makes clear, viscosity of matrix of this tenacity colophony is low, working life is long, tenacity is good, stick with carbon fiber interface receive strength tall, the intensity of fiber of housing of motor of composite material rocket that makes is changed rate is high, for the research of the related side will point to clear direction henceforth. 20 centuries since 80 time metaphase, foreign carbon fiber develops swift and violent development, performance level rises substantially, fight intensity to raise current 710 GPa by earlier 215 GPa and had good finishing dose and colophony matrix to cooperate, intensity is changed rate mention 85% above. Epoxy resin is advanced composite material the matrix of colophony of hot solid sex that applies generally, be early application twine housing of motor of rocket of large solid body to use colophony matrix. According to enhance material classification, development of housing of solid rocket motor experienced 3 level roughly, arrive again to fiber of fragrant black silk ribbon from fibre glass namely carbon fiber. At present each country uses housing of carbon fiber composite material almost on the rocket motor of new development, matrix uses epoxy resin generally still, this is as better as epoxy resin hear resistance, good stick receiving gender and exceedingly good technical properties is not divided. Although be the need of parts of an apparatus of contented and new-style aerospace in recent years, raise its to use temperature ceaselessly, also used acyl of double Ma Lai inferior amine colophony get together acyl inferior the high-powered colophony matrix such as amine colophony, but as a result of its craft sex restrict, the aerospace that using mould pressing craft to make only got applied in goods. Current, rocket motor housing uses colophony matrix to still be given priority to with epoxy resin, a lot of Scientists and Technologists devote oneself to to develop matrix of high-powered epoxy resin, match with enhancing the function appearance of material with the fiber that rises ceaselessly, get used to the new requirement that aerospace technology expands better. To housing of engine of carbon fiber composite material, still put the point of view that is in two kinds to differ at present: One kind thinks to rupture outspread rate is coefficient of influence container character (the main factor of P V/ W) , the matrix of tenacity epoxy resin that develops Gao Yanshen rate energetically for this proposal: Another kind thinks hear resistance is main influencing factor, should devote oneself to to develop matrix of tall heat-resisting epoxy resin. In view of above two kinds of different point of views, this tackling key problem the project plans to develop Gao Ren respectively gender and be able to bear or endure tall Pen two kinds wet twine colophony matrix recipe, this also represented two of modified of current epoxy resin main way. More information pays close attention to Http://cnfrp.net of composite material website please

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