On June 6, hair of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region changes appoint release " Guangxi but 945 ” of “ of development of second birth energy plan " , put forward “ during 945 ” , guangxi strives windward report acts of great capacity of approve start working machine dimensions not under 7.5 million kilowatt, among them and the net installs machine scale not under 3 million kilowatt. Before be less than a week, website of portal of Fujian Province government also was released " 945 ” the sources of energy develops Fujian Province “ special program " , maritime wind report increases during 945 ” of “ and net outfit machine 4.1 million kilowatt, add development newly to visit tubal sea area dimensions of maritime wind report makes an appointment with 10.3 million kilowatt. Up to this year in June, maritime wind report develops the 945 ” of coastal province “ such as Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi the program gives heat in succession, rough statistic, target of windward report development already exceeded each coastal province of great capacity 50 million kilowatt, this also means goose-step of report of our country maritime wind to join drive. Fujian of development of policy thrust estate is report of our country maritime wind starts one of early province, release anew " 945 ” the sources of energy develops “ special program " in light of, the Fujian Province will be active during 945 ” of “ advance dimensions to change concentration to connect a maritime wind report to develop, in safeguard the premise of the requirement such as national defence, maritime, be open to navigation or air traffic, zoology falls, add development dimensions newly to will amount to 10.3 million kilowatt. In the meantime, the Fujian Province will drive far-reaching of great capacity project of maritime wind cable makes progress, strengthen construction the condition is evaluated and far-reaching sea high capacity is group of wind electric machinery, remote flexible the technical argumentation that confluence of report of dc power transmission, maritime wind develops many fields, set an example change development dimensions of machine of outfit of maritime wind report will amount to 4.8 million kilowatt. Divide this beyond, this year first half of the year, the maritime wind report such as Guangdong, Zhejiang installed machine big province to also announce new development end in succession. " 945 ” of “ of development of Guangdong province energy plan " point out, change dimensions development maritime wind report, make another name for Guangdong Province east, another name for Guangdong Province on the west sea of class of ten million kilowatt is windward electric base, add maritime wind report newly installed capacity makes an appointment with 17 million kilowatt. Not only such, province was promoted to also release “ in succession this year at the beginning of the maritime wind report such as Guangxi, Shandong program of windward report of 945 ” sea, calculate show, the program developed a capacity to exceed 20 million kilowatt, maritime wind report added the Hainan with outfit machine old backwater newly to also announce 3 million kilowatt to develop a target. Farsighted consult gets the sources of energy but analyst of second birth energy expresses to the reporter: “ policy plans driving is our country all the time but what market of second birth energy grows is main prompt one of factors, each are coastal province is in ‘ is maritime wind report in 945 ’ program raised specific target, enough proves what each province develops to maritime wind report to take seriously, offerred the market more hope. Below the support that plans in policy, the program of maritime wind report is examined and approve wait for flow also more will smooth, be helpful for a project advancing. In addition, rising market also is in the maritime wind report such as Guangxi to plan actively project of maritime wind cable, the development of report of maritime wind of prospective our country will more diversity. ”Present dimensions to change, diversity trend plans to look from each province the sources of energy, “ connects a development ”“ centrally windward report confluence expands of great capacity of ”“ of technology of dark open sea of breakthrough of ”“ of base of maritime wind phone ” become “ the “ keyword ” that windward report expands 945 ” of great capacity. " Guangxi but 945 ” of “ of development of second birth energy plan " show, will change according to dimensions, intensive is changed, can expand a demand continuously, insist to link a development centrally, pilot go ahead of the rest, accelerate development, make a certain number of sea of 1 billion made of baked clay class is windward electric base, realize maritime wind report 0 breakthroughs. Zhejiang is saved also dispatch says, make put forth effort 1 billion made of baked clay form base of maritime wind phone, to 2025, machine of outfit of the full report that save wind achieves above of 6.41 million kilowatt, among them maritime wind report amounts to above of 5 million kilowatt. Afore-mentioned but analyst of second birth energy expresses: “ is current report of our country maritime wind is individual project capacity with 300 thousand - 500 thousand kilowatt is in the majority, but prospective sea is windward scale of electric monomer project will be larger, this can make the dimensions economy of the project gets not only better reflect, reduce the cost of the link such as dimension of construction, installation, carry, can plan installation of a few form a complete set effectively, for instance line of station of maritime step up, transmit electricity, improve the use efficiency of establishment of form a complete set. ”Notable is, zhejiang province is in its program middle finger goes out more, exploration coastal waters and far-reaching sea “ maritime wind report uses base + marine can + ” of onshore property base develops new pattern. Hainan province is in its " 945 ” of “ of progress of economy of Hainan province ocean plan (2021-2025 year) " in point out, will accelerate development the clean the sources of energy such as maritime wind report, advance development of loop of green of industry of coastal chemical industry, hold to managing intensive to use the of great capacity at the same time, the key supports the other development such as maritime wind report and marine grass to use mobile confluence to develop, come true to wait for harmonious development with zoology, fishery, travel. Actually, report of will maritime wind and green hydrogen, float the much can complementary project of the union such as type smooth hot season already was in Europe be born. Industry thinks generally, move toward far-reaching sea as maritime wind report, hydrogen can the market matures ceaselessly, project of maritime wind cable also is sure to form more the applied setting of diversity. Still need this is in to fall continuously research center of economy of the sources of energy of institute of Xiamen university economy teachs Sun Chuanwang to look, coastal each district publishs maritime wind report to develop good policy of program and interest in succession, together with green report trades the market is progressively and perfect, these elements are helpful for stabilizing market investment to anticipate. At the same time the technology progresses ceaseless drive supplies catenary and operation cost to drop, yield of project of maritime wind cable also promotes somewhat, this will accelerate dimensions of maritime wind report to change development, perspective of development of report of our country maritime wind will be very wide during 945 ” of “ . Actually, come nearly two years, machine of outfit of report of our country maritime wind promotes quickly, already made market of cable of big maritime wind at present. According to the research that atmosphere bureau releases, our country off shore inside 200 kilometers limits, coastal waters and latent capacity of development of resource of far-reaching sea wind energy can achieve about 2.25 billion kilowatt. However, basis but second birth the sources of energy learns data, up to by 2021, installed capacity of accumulative total of report of our country maritime wind is 25.35 million kilowatt about only, this also means maritime wind report to still greater market potential can be dug. Although market vacuum is giant, many expert inside course of study expresses however, cost on the high side still is the one big challenge that restricts dimensions of maritime wind report to change development. Afore-mentioned but analyst of second birth energy expresses to the reporter: “ is current and maritime the cost of wind report still on the high side, below the circumstance that does not have allowance completely, the gain of project of maritime wind cable faces bigger challenge. Provincial allowance can provide a cushion for the market, be project of maritime wind cable fall to provide more time and support originally, also can make development business more actively is searched fall the way of this synergism. ”As we have learned, at present the province such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong already published policy of allowance of report of provincial and maritime wind, concrete step includes to increase green finance to support strength, offer electrovalency allowance to wait. But Qin Haiyan of secretary-general of committee of major of wind energy of society of second birth the sources of energy ever also pointed out: At present maritime wind report still cannot accomplish “ par gets online, still need a government to provide appropriate support, carry certain development scale thereby, form the market to pull move, ensure the technology progresses to go down continuously. ”

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