On April 19 morning 8 when 8 minutes, jiangsu of 3 gorge new energy resources if east hoisting of station of maritime step up ends H10 project smoothly. So far, jiangsu of 3 gorge new energy resources if east (H6, H10) the station of two maritime step up of project of maritime wind cable is maritime installation job is finished entirely, indicate Jiangsu of new energy resources is like a 3 gorge wind report is soft on the East China Sea straight project ” of another “ sequence of thought is successful get through, be realize total 2021 capacity and the net generates electricity lay solid foundation. Jiangsu of 3 gorge new energy resources if east (H6, H10) project of maritime wind cable is located in Jiangsu to be like,be saved east vast sea area of Huang Sha of prefectural the eastpart part, off shore is apart from 50-60 kilometer point-blank, rice of 9-22 of depth of water. This project includes H6 and H10 two wind electric field, installed capacity all is 400 million tile, the program installs made of baked clay fan of 200 4 million. Two maritime step up that place of 200 typhoons machine sends electric energy to pass this hoisting to finish stand after step up, communicate sea cable assemble to come through two 220 kilovolt respectively again maritime change shed a station, maritime change shed a station to pass electric energy cable of bout dc sea to send to again onshore change shed a station, pass eventually onshore change shed a station to receive electrified wire netting. The electric energy that regards maritime wind as electric field assembles collect center, station of maritime step up is to be defeated among them become electrical engineering the crucial establishment of Cheng, also be the key of success or failure of construction of electric field of whole and maritime wind at the same time. To ensure implementation is one-time essence of life allows installation to reach the designated position, project group calls together inspect before construction manage, design, build, maritime construction each just hold meeting of construction technology, safe tell sb one's real intentions, to maritime step up the station had the detailed examination before hoisting. Project of H6, H10 is maritime step up station parts on April 16 22 when 28 minutes, on April 19 8 when 8 minutes of successful hoisting are finished. Be like east after project whole joins movement, year online n will amount to 2.4 billion kilowatt hour, can satisfy about 990 thousand families year with n. Compare with the photograph of coal fired power plant of coequal dimensions, annual but managing standard coal fired makes an appointment with 740 thousand tons, managing fresh water makes an appointment with the 7.12 million stere, carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon makes an appointment with 1.83 million tons, the energy-saving benefit that decrease a platoon is distinct. In recent years, 3 gorge group is in sea of Jiangsu area deep ploughing is windward report. Up to now, already built home 220 kilovolt are maritime step up stands, root of the home that join movement cable of 220 kilovolt sea, urge country hammer and tongs flexible dc changes the construction that sheds a station. Future, 3 gorge group goes carry out new development concept, march hammer and tongs more vast far-reaching sea domain, go up to build coastal sea wind report corridor, implementation “3060” target contributes 3 gorge force.

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15-18 December

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