On May 6 midday 13 when 41 minutes, the butt joint allows in aerial essence as hub of 30# fan impeller and lead plane bolt, in relief Jiang Qingzhou of China report Guangdong windward cable project finishs 3 500MW sea smoothly typhonic machine installation, the mark is worn home windward cable project realizes sea of area of coastal waters deep water fan is deep-sea installation from do not have some historic span. The fan of this second hoisting is Ming Yang 6.8MW group of electric machinery of wind of homebred and own research and development, lead plane weight amounts to 280 tons, hub height 106 meters, odd a blade length 76.6 meters. Pass the elaborate scheme of early days and desired result of goods and materials, on May 1 16 when start hoisting job formally 10 minutes. Face surge of depth of water of maritime wind field, wind to wait for a problem greatly, to ensure typhonic machine safety is installed smoothly, for follow-up installation the job accumulates valuable experience, spot construction personnel monitors wind speed in real time, hoisting construction undertakes in time of the condole since beautiful, each construction process is rigorous and painstaking, complete the hoisting construction of canister of 4 paragraphs of towers, lead plane, impeller early or late, tall condole is 122 meters tall (height of the rigging that contain put in a fur lining) . Through nearly 5 days fight bravely, china report enters sea area of the Jiang Qingzhou that be stationed in this world formally in machine of typhoon of another name for Guangdong Province! It is reported, after this project put into production, can offer clean electric energy every year to make an appointment with coal of 1.5 billion degrees of report, managing standard for the society four hundred and sixty-one thousand five hundred tons, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge four hundred and thirty-five thousand five hundred tons, soot 14.6 tons, grey broken bits forteen thousand three hundred tons, socioeconomy benefit is distinct. Make base of industry of class wind cable to Yang Jiang at the same time, accelerate Guangdong to save transition of structure of the sources of energy to upgrade produce main effect. Marine wind howl and come, center look forward to more Ying Yufeng act vigorously is entered. Next, project company will done the data in this hoisting process actively to collect with analysis, experience summary and construction optimize the job, build Fang Tongli with each ginseng assist annals of earnest of agree, with great concentration, main capturing Qing Zhou before 3 items the end of the year total capacity and target of net put into production, let blueness continent maritime space release green energy, for “3060” double carbon target achieves power of contributive China electricity.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City