The sources of energy is the foundation that human civilization progresses and motivation. The each half step of energy field changes, can develop generation to be affected deeply to socioeconomy, more concerning to complete mankind lives and develop. Current, our country already made clear “ carbon to amount to peak, carbon to neutralize ” goal, 3 gorge group regards our country as big clean group, height takes development of business of new energy resources seriously, the strategy that 3 gorge the sources of energy regards 3 gorge group as business of new energy resources implements principal part, welcoming tremendous progress good luck period. Electric field of wind of coastal waters of noisy water of 3 gorge the sources of energy is our country the project of maritime wind cable that commercializes operation, also be 3 gorge group project of maritime wind cable, 2014 start working is built, 2016 and the net generates electricity. The project is located in fill of county of Jiangsu noisy water east maritime space of the side outside salt field of salt field, 3 country fairdyke, off shore is apart from about 10 kilometers, direction of coastal water front grows about 13.4 kilometers, experience sea area makes an appointment with 34.7 square kilometer, rice of 8-12 of field area depth of water. Capacity of aircraft of project general assembly 202 million are made of baked clay, the group of wind electric machinery that the wind cable unit that installs 37 stand-alone capacity to cover with tiles for 4 million in all and 18 stand-alone capacity are 3 million to cover with tiles. In project construction process, construction group accuses in comprehensive aggrandizement quality, safe canal, while exploration accumulates maritime wind report to develop construction experience, build used an Asia grade of 220 kilovolt voltage is maritime step up stands, created home second use 220 kilovolt cable of 3 core sea, second implementation Xi Menzi hoisting of whole of 4 million made of baked clay fan, second use technology of retrorse balance flange, second implementation is compound canister foundation brings fan installation of one pace style multinomial domestic and international. Build home grade of 220 kilovolt voltage is maritime   of step up station develops to more large-scale, farther maritime space as maritime wind report, station of maritime step up regards assemble of electric energy of maritime wind electric field, step up, distribution and control as the center, become the establishment of form a complete set with maritime wind necessary electric field. During the project builds preparation, home still does not have the construction experience that maritime step up stands, to improve country station of maritime step up makes a standard, guide important equipment homebred change, 3 gorge group lays international high level, put forward to build homebred grade of 220 kilovolt voltage is maritime step up stands, implementation is built build completely by design of our country proper motion, proper motion, proper motion installation debugs, the maritime step up that has our country own intellectual property stands. The home that join movement grade of 220 kilovolt voltage 3 core of   of cable of 3 core sea fiber-optic and compound submarine cable satisfied 220 kilovolt the demand that Sunday run, high-power transmits, make electric power and communication transmit “ ” of 2 cable syncretic, have cost low, move safeguard convenient wait for an advantage, and big political integrity arranged marine route by resource, have wide development application perspective. Phase of this project invite public bidding, home still does not have 220 kilovolt cable of 3 core sea joins movement. Include as a result of sea cable cost remote carry, if purchase foreign submarine cable, cost is high, and procurement cycle hard accuse. Accordingly, the cable of 220 kilovolt sea that production of this design of project choice home makes, join movement home 220 kilovolt cable of 3 core sea, and the central fixture that own research and development of second application home makes and curve limiter, raise sea cable effectively to be in the J service life that runs the place. Second implementation is compound canister foundation brings fan one pace style installs   to build low cost, efficient new outlet to explore maritime wind report, noisy water project aims to build form of a kind of new-style foundation, can realize terrestrial batch installation of prefab, maritime unifinication, make fast, cost low and security tall, wear is good. Compound canister foundation suits soft clay and pink arenaceous wait for weak foundation, this type foundation distributings in our country maritime space very extensive, because this kinds of foundation has very extensive applicability. Installation of one pace style included compound canister foundation and fan an an a kind of new-style fan infrastructure, brand-new construction industry law, complete construction equips, formed those who have completely own intellectual property, the technology of project of seriation of maritime wind report that home achieves. Measure of will traditional construction of maritime wind telegram and land of work area translate into finish fan to go all out outfit, with the foundation a negative pressure sinks to put and move smooth operation, without concussion load, for technology of construction of green environmental protection. Project of diversiform noisy water of   of fan foundation form regards batch of maritime wind report that satisfy pair of 10 standards as the project, craft of design, construction be in exploration phase, efficiency of the cost of the fundamental form with the fan comparative and can different foundation that chooses diversity, construction, for maritime wind report of future construction provides experience and reference. This project uses form of 3 kinds of infrastructure in all (single stake foundation, much picket bear stage foundation, compound canister foundation) , for home current fundamental form covers item of wide maritime wind report, different fundamental form is made to managing stake, the craft of traffic condition, construction requirement that put forward to differ, reach in construction of concrete of maritime large volume lukewarm accuse steel structure of work of measure, sea and concrete the respect such as design of base of anticorrosive system research, compound canister and construction accumulated more experience. Tall picket bear stage foundation 2 period concrete is irrigated build accumulate concrete construction for cardinal principle, as a result of environment of open waters work, the exterior heat preservation that uses normally comes true hard with dropping the measure of difference in temperature of inside and outside. This project is used cooperate to compare optimize, cement breed choice, gel material choice, steel covers box to add set heat-insulation layer, concrete to be controlled into modular temperature, bury set circular cooling water canal, lengthen a variety of measure such as form removal time, prevent concrete effectively to produce break. Foundation of this project single stake transfers to not have paragraph of design, innovation uses technology of firm picket of fixed position platform, use two steel truss to regard as oriented frame will control single stake heavy picket verticality. Relatively comprehensive fan installs this means   project the installation means that 4 million cover with tiles fan uses dock to spell outfit, whole to carry hoisting, for Xi Menzi 4 million cover with tiles fan hoisting of second implementation whole. Integral hoisting has maritime process basic cycle time of little, maritime installation area of short, work can make full use of, Liu Yu is assembled and integral hoisting can undertake waiting for an advantage at the same time. After installation craft is mature, can come true 5 days to finish land of two typhoons machine to go all out outfit, 1 day finishs hang oneself of of great capacity of two typhoons aircraft to install. Integral hoisting means will be maritime construction of Liu Yu of construction translate into, improved work environment, in project time limit for a project respect of control, safe control has larger dominant position. This project in all group of 20 typhoons electric machinery uses fission to install, but as a result of means of type of infrastructure, fan, butt joint, installation advocate the boat different, specific craft plan is varied, covered the of all kinds technology that at present installation of fission of domestic and international maritime fan involves almost. Divide afore-mentioned technical window, the second application that noisy water realizes homebred grouting to expect outer sea environment is medium in construction of station of maritime step up, the implementation when building 3 million made of baked clay fan balances the large-scale application of flange reversely, lay homebred sea cable comes true when sea cable large-scale application of protector. In process of government of dimension of carry of wind electric field, carry dimension group analyses the characteristic of dimension of use of maritime wind electricity and difficulty adequately, establish section volume to control center and carry dimension company, use “ to center value of little person of monitoring, spot remotely to defend, area overhaul is safeguarded, the Xin Yunwei mode that unites standard management ” , it is innovation with electric field of wind of noisy water coastal waters pilot, begin overhaul exercise standardization, equipment management is changed subtly, spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve is custom-built change wait for management of dimension of multivariate and efficient use, operating conditions of accurate judgement equipment, integrated wind besides, reasonable arrangement plans the information such as sea condition, improve overhaul efficiency hard, ensure equipment maintains beautiful to run state from beginning to end. After project of zoology benefit   builds, already accumulative total generates electricity amount to 2.35 billion degrees of report, get online every year n is five hundred and six million six hundred and ninety thousand kilowatt hour, annual but managing standard coal 172 thousand tons, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge seventy-three thousand eight hundred tons, reduce grey broken bits forty-three thousand five hundred tons, reduce soot 2500 tons, reduce other exhaust emission to amount to 2000 tons, the energy-saving benefit that decrease a platoon is distinct. Current, energy industry enters high quality to develop level, the sources of energy of green low carbon develops predominate, the new energy resources that is a delegate with wind report, smooth hot season is to realize “ carbon to amount to peak, carbon to counteract the specific ways and means of ” target, tremendous effect is produced in be sure to be built in civilization of new era zoology. In recent years, 3 gorge the sources of energy develops onshore wind report, smooth hot season actively to generate electricity, develop maritime wind report energetically, on June 10, 3 gorge the sources of energy is in Shanghai city formally advocate board appear on the market, it is big IPO of the dimensions on history of domestic power industry. 3 gorge the sources of energy is making industrial structure hard quality of reasonable, asset admirable, economic benefits the company of top-ranking new energy with remarkable, advanced level of management, contribute wisdom and force to serve "3060" goal.

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