On August 10, group of spring of emperor of enterprise of bibcock of domestic colophony material (stock code: 605589.SH) land formally hand in place, issue valence to be every 24.01 yuan, add up to issue 8, 1.06 million, 10.46% what hold total capital stock of the company after issueing, financing forehead is spent 194, six million two hundred and fifty thousand six hundred yuan.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Holy spring group is one pledges with synthetic resin and composite material, biology the research and development of chemical material and relevant product, production, sale gives priority to the company of new and high technology of business Wu, model of gauge of produce and sale of colophony of its phenolic aldehyde, furan colophony ranks home, front row, it is phenolic aldehyde colophony and cast auxiliary material the champion of manufacturing industry individual event of two domains sets an example enterprise. Layout of whole industry catenary all shows synergism   current, superintendency strength of aggravate of degree of competition of industry of domestic synthetic resin, environmental protection is strengthened, the industry upgrades pressure increases, make market of industry of domestic synthetic resin be spent centrally rise further. Holy spring group regards the bibcock of domain of domestic synthetic resin as the enterprise, its head effect also will be highlighted stage by stage. Shengquanji is round in recent years deep ploughing its advocate business Wu, rolled out multinomial synthetic resin and composite material product in succession, its apply a domain to extend the machinery such as report of car, wind, nucleus report to create a field stage by stage downstream, and aviation of traffic of integrated circuit, LCD, orbit, spaceflight, shipping is carried, build stop a car of energy-saving, high end piece, high end grinds an abrasive, metallurgy marine and fireproof, anticorrosive, 3D is printed wait for national economy each domains. Rely on the advantage of research and development in synthetic resin domain, holy spring group develops electronic domain actively to use data of new-style high polymer, capture “ of electronic material domain blocks a hard nut to crack of neck ” technology. Acyl of epoxy resin of the resin of electronic class phenolic aldehyde that holy spring group supplies, special type, Ma Lai inferior the new-style function such as amine colophony colophony is 5G communication, chip make, AMOLED is new-style show the core stuff that waits for advanced workmanship, advance material of our country electron effectively homebred change a course. Dominant position of technical research and development is prominent quicken business to extend pace   at present, the company has churchyard authorization 719, invent 495 among them; Outside the condition 77, the amount is banner inside the industry. The company is chaired, participate in establish occupation standard and organization and standard, place standard 72, its win the bid allow 35. Collect endowment forehead spends even more 1.9 billion yuan of battalion receive dimensions to promote data of book of   raise capital by floating shares to show continuously, 2018 to 2020, the company realizes business income respectively 6.189 billion yuan, 5.882 billion yuan mix 8.319 billion yuan; Profit of net putting in a mother 's charge realizes 523 million yuan, 471 million yuan mix 877 million yuan, present a good growth state. This, holy spring group adds up to collect 194, six million two hundred and fifty thousand six hundred yuan, capital will be used at composite material of phenolic aldehyde high end and enlarge of colophony form a complete set to produce wait for a project. This second collect casts a project to amount to postpartum, the battalion of holy spring group receives dimensions to promote implementation substantially. Predicting company will increase synthetic resin and income of composite material product newly every year 3.28 billion yuan. At the appointed time, the company has the breakthrough produce can restrict, configuration of downstream industry catenary will be more reasonable on its, consolidate the company is in further thereby the market position inside the industry.

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