Come from university of handkerchief De Boen, haing Mu - Lipushidate technology university He Yachen - Masitelihete biology radical.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The purpose of this research is to develop what apply with Yu Guangxue to be able to last material, for example headlight, lens, reflector or light guide. Up to now, these products are by polycarbonate or get together methylic acrylic acid the oil such as armour ester base plastic make, because this created a burden to environment. Get together the target that lactic acid will come to save scientists of   of     01 is use biology the optical material that some kind of raw material in plastic series regards light and spotlight as. Get together lactic acid already was proved to be appropriate await the person that choose. Adopt this kind of method, scientists solved a few big outstanding problems of traditional polymer material, change direction short-term but renewable resources, this conduces to the data management system that builds oil of independent Yu Yuan. In the meantime, came true to reduce the goal of carbon dioxide discharge capacity significantly. The main problem here avoiding when reclaiming is with biology degradation through reclaiming the gender is evaluated, avoid to use thereby small plastic. Be based on biologic polymer completely as a kind, get together lactic acid issues OK and complete degradation in certain condition. Accordingly, won't long in nature stay. Outside the performance that requires besides specific application, these also are the main reasons that industry gets lost this kind to replace data. Researcher of Chemstry Department of university of favour of handkerchief heart rich says, get together lactic acid is in not only but durative respect has an advantage, it still has first-rate optical character, inside the visible range that can be used at electromagnetism spectrum. In the meantime, get together the productivity of lactic acid is very strong also, compare with traditional polymer, this makes its have outstanding competition ability in price respect. Overcome   of 03 of defect     through research first, the scientist is studying its serve as efficient and the utility of the LED illuminant of environmental protection. Researcher explanation says, the emissive radiate of extremely long service life and end of shortwave of visible light chart, namely the tall blue composition of LED light, raised tall requirement to optical material. Why must this use extremely durable data namely. Get together lactic acid controls meeting molten in 60 Celsius. However, the lamp of LED can reach the temperature that is as high as 80 to spend when move. Another challenge is crystallization phenomenon. In 60 degrees or so, can form microcrystalline make material muddy. Scientists are being formed in what avoid them hard, or replace this process with controlled crystallization. What form dimension not to affect light only is microcrystalline. This project predicts will second use in complex technical illume application get together lactic acid, its purpose is use its as the lenticular material in bicycle headlight. What scientists examined development data is fused with crystallization behavior, the additive that studying sample or irradiation are in how old place can be improved to need optical character on degree. This job is to use system of small angle smooth scattering to undertake, can study the fused process of the growth of crystal or crystal, the major effect that so that make clear this phenomenon,produces to optical function.

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