Epoxy resinThe market demand year after year of glue increases, high temperature resistant epoxy resin is with the superior performance of many sided in market application also obtained very good result, however the escalate as market limits, the user paid close attention to the actor defect of adhesive more, understood the result that product in use can achieve and the problem that face possibly only, the produces epoxy resin rubber performance with better ability, avoid uses a risk. Main show is in the actor defect of epoxy resin adhesive the following respects: 1, mechanical performance is strong, have very powerful epoxy resin cohesive force not only, and chemical construction is very tight. 2, caking property is good, OK also and regular regular job leaves in microtherm condition. 3, craft sex is good, shrinkage of the bulk in solid word process is small, do not produce small element volatile basically, internal stress is little. 4, electric performance is good, but commonAdhesiveBehave in hear resistance respect general. It is OK to understand these property performances and working characteristic when choosing epoxy resin adhesive accordingly the better product that chooses to suit oneself, avoid to in use ignores use condition and cause the error on the operation, develop product property better. More and detailed report pays close attention to Www.cnfrp.com of answer ability network please

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