A few days ago, high seas carries in secretary of group president, leading Party group 10 thousand quick, group of Fu Gangfeng of vice secretary of trustee, general manager, leading Party group goes to Bao Wugang iron group limited company (abbreviation Bao Wu) visit, with Chen Derong of secretary of treasure fierce Party committee, president, hu Wangming of vice secretary of trustee, general manager, Party committee had friendly talk. Chen Derong expresses: Bao Wu and in high seas carry writtens guarantee in cooperating for a long time issued deep friendship, both sides cooperates with cheek by jowl, mutual support, collective service develops the strategy. Bao Wu devotes oneself to to pass a technology to lead, benefit leads, dimensions leads, make the steely manufacturing industry with wisdom of green high-quality goods be a foundation, the pattern that the relevant industry such as industry of banking of line of business of division of garden of line of business of service of new material industry, wisdom, resources environment line of business, industry, estate develops in coordination. The high seas in hoping to will continue to get henceforth carries support energetically, the deepness that adopts entire industry chain cooperates, reduce content to spread cost, create increment value, phase of new development of bilateral and collective base oneself upon, come true hand in hand more the development of high quality. 10 thousand sensitive the long-term support that the high seas in thanking Bao Wu to be opposite carries, the admirable outstanding achievement that obtains in recent years to Bao Wu expresses congratulation. 10 thousand quick express: Connection of catenary of two groups industry is close, strategic goal height agrees, high seas carries active butt joint Bao Wu develops the strategy in, make visible, intelligence change content to shed a solution according to client demand, carry the whole course that offers long-term stability to supply catenary to serve safeguard for key resource. ” of the person that high seas carries focusing Bao Wu “ becomes steely course of study to lead in wishs scene, in business, investment and asset each respect strengthens cooperation, walk along good green low carbon, wisdom to develop way, realize the confluence of contemporary service line of business and advanced manufacturing industry truly, for construction of center of Shanghai international shipping, safeguard supplies stability of catenary, industry catenary to make larger contribution. Gao Jianbing of Zhu Yonggong of treasure fierce total accountant, vise general manager, relevant section and place belong to company controller; Vise general manager of far marine group fizzles out in little article, cadre of group civil service, operation runs this department, high seas carries in market movement, medium high seas carry loans in bulk, in chief played to interview related far marine haven.

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15-18 December

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