Manufacturing business is in the modified mixing refine of each district to build a machine to enhance quality, efficiency, flexibility and security through automation, answer the shortage question of specialized worker at the same time. Current plastic trade, the modified material that includes to produce grain material produces business and business of secondary material production, must answer with economic fluctuation, supply with labour and material do not stabilize the environment of new camp business that is a feature. Current supply it is more difficult that catenary problem makes production plans to become, prompted the demand that increases increasingly to running flexibility, and the support that this must want to get personnel and machine. Mageji is round (Maag Group) dry cut product manager Alexander Helm to express, face these challenges, modified material manufacturer should consider comprehensive look upon downstream facilities, key attention is offerred easily the changeover, clean, system that can visit gender and flexibility. Considering the problem that personnel is in short supply, this are attached most importance to especially should, should machine of automation of have the aid of will help big limit ground reduce operator to participate in.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Graph: Ma Ge's P-JSG400 is dry cut brace to make a system. (picture origin: Mageji is round) the development of the machine that build bead with equestrian case intimate circle includes to create conformity of Automatik-Scheer product line an opportunity to new generation brace in, and introduce a machine is built to go up in brace the 0 space system of cut pole fine fibre. For example, latter is used at enhancing the fiber of special type PP of material as housing materials. “ makes bead application in traditional brace in, the roller knife that must rotating decides the cut clearance that keeps small between the knife with what secure. 0 space system allows roller knife to contact calm knife in unit process of cargo bandling, accordingly even if very thin fiber is OK also and accurate cut, ”Helm says. Ma Ge still optimized its Pearlo underwater to make bead machine technology further, this technology is globose grain high production can (be as high as 36000 kilograms / hour or 79200 pounds / hour) and design. This kind of flexible system can give birth to bead of material, modified material, lubricious mother, project with Yuyuan plastic, lumber and composite material of polymer of natural fiber fill and thermoplastic elastomer, and all sorts of reclaiming of application build bead. Helm says, pearlo creates an opportunity compositive on a frame mix movably agile component, ensure thereby the addition of normal run time. The union of the modular head design that “ optimizes and blade holder of turbine type cut makes blade holder of a cut can be used at multinomial exercise, bring thereby be as high as eightfold cost advantage, enhanced the security of operator at the same time, prolonged service life one times, he says ” . “ is in respect of quantity of heat, this kind of combination widened operation window, at the same time hot loss decreased 25% . Combine design of Heat Flux pattern plate, widened manufacturing window improved the operation of a lot of sensitive data further. ”Pearlo system has a hand to move or automatic razor blade adjusts a function. Be in full automatic in Pearlo-EAC version, bit is running the feed in the process. Another of Ma Ge new product is EXso centrifugal grain drier, according to weighing it with more compact and more easily clean form offers higher yield. EXso grain drier is applied to underwater and wet cut the engine that build bead, already was in be as high as 8200 kilograms / the test had below the productivity of the hour. A crucial characteristic that EXso designs is 3 crust, can improve in-house to equipment visit and visibility allegedly, mix more quickly in order to offer more effective cleanness, thereby the risk that big limit ground reduces across to pollute. This design will cover an area of an area to asked to decrease about 20% , and move when quieter (choose configuration according to place but low to 80dB) . Helm of   of   of digital solution expresses, this company still sees the demand that creates a solution to the number increases ceaselessly. “ our technology is dedicated mix at machine condition wear away monitor, system the communication between each functional unit and integrated documentation, he says ” . Control Ma Ge's XANTEC system and system of modal analysis data to be united in wedlock, can provide function of online grain quality, and the application of artificial intelligence can raise the program insight that can be used at optimizing to make a line. We are in “ to be able to let a client have forward more stability and transparent flow respect gain headway, ”Helm says. Basis division times grand (Coperion) view, automation is almost all the crucial demand that creates a systematic application field, no matter be of production of high-powered modified material or second birth polymer,build bead. The engineering technology of branch of this company polymer and Frank Lechner of general manager of research and development with automatic makings carry for exemple, it need not the hand is moved pull makings can safe start build bead. “ (brace) the high automation that makes bead won't be interrupted because of brace ruptures and causing needless production. This raised whole modified to manufacture systematic efficiency, ”Lechner says. Division times grand is Lang Cheng nearly (Lanxess) is custom-built make key system one set, this system around division the extruder of double screw of high-powered ZSK 92 Mc18 of times grand is built, this extruder was deployed division the SK92 model head that times grand makes a Technical Division and automatic ASC makings carry a system. Allegedly, the automation of the craft that build bead of mould technology and high level is united in wedlock make Lang Chengneng is quite in the production of its polyamide modified the yield with higher implementation. Lechner says, SK92 model head uses intelligence to heat / cooling concept, be able to produce even temperature to distributing, this ensured expect a cloth of the platoon on the whole width in modular head is even, although be below tall productivity,also be such. The appearance of flow path geometry that optimizes in modular head mixes refine quality through reducing the stress in fuse-element to rise further. Full automatic makings carry a system to take a stuff from modular head, guide them through cooling cistern and downstream conveyer belt expect to SP 700 HD of a machine that build bead into makings mouth. Starting is full automatic, break carry and break be being received again also is. Accordingly, lechner says to do not have product loss or production is interrupted. United States of compact trend   builds Bay Plastics Machinery of bead system manufacturer (BPM) the interest that also thinks people produces equipment to grow increasingly to automation is a fundamental trend. “ company is trying to simplify existing flow, the purpose is the amount that reduces operation staff. This includes the automation that repeatability works, so single operator is OK and responsible many make a line and won't so busy that be at a loss, ” sells vice-president James Forgash to say. However, he thinks automation of the system that build bead provided more function, for example, operator need not as alternant as critical facility, such security rose, efficiency and quality also rose. For example, will automation and measure and data collects photograph union, be controlled to had improved Cheng and abide by quality standard open up strictly latent capacity. The fuse-element that this kind of method includes to monitor buccal model upper reaches (below the case that use underwater makes a machine) or the makings that comes out from buccal model (below the case that use brace makes a machine) , and online measure grain. Forgash expresses, BPM is in as visible as many partners joint development system, realize the owner line that build bead thereby. The makings that these “ systems come out monitoring and control from inside buccal model, the quality issue that is put in a few keys certainly (expect a diameter, temperature, makings detached, drop a line to wait) . This system will detect when quality problem happens they, hand-in-hand travel is adjusted or issue warning, stop in case or reduce downstream waste, he says ” . Data is collected is to improve pilot another crucial step. Forgash says BPM is trying hard to let equipment user can store product recipe or the requirement that input number of every gram grain, next the system can use this requirement self-correcting to build bead line parameter in order to achieve target norms. Answering the BPM facility with dust new   to develop one of targets is dust of the generation in be the process that build bead this one old issue offers a solution. No matter “ is when cut grain burst or pointed in carrying a process horn are bumped into by “ ” , the dust that these bringing about is the potential problem of downstream production, need keeps clear of effectively, ”Forgash says. The grain of this company is scattered the grain with good cut system comes out from the move in cut room, through preventing grain to be reduced by two cut the dust that produces first is measured. The grain short of that “ double cut produces expects volume, and not agree with add up to norms. Smoke grain instantly can reduce grain to be all round cut room rebound and by cut two opportunity, ”Forgash explains. Subsequently grain is carried a separate section, over of any remain or the dust of the generation after cut can use 2 class to remove dust tornado implement purify. Segregator of this kind of tornado is in “ likely area uses the material measure that only proportional refluent air will not need from eventually the purify in the product, the material amount of purify can charge an amount, because air current is removing dust,level disperses very thinly, he says ” . Fine pink also is a problem that underwater creates bead. “ produces a large number of fine pink to be able to be reduced produce character to measure eventually and increase equipment to defend the work, ” Nuo is believed (Nordson) Ralf Simon of special project chief inspector says. This company filters through automatic water of its BKG Optigon the system will solve this problem, it includes filter of polygon of one each cleanness, this filter presses poor automatic cleanness mediumly according to cistern. Another challenge that modified business faces is the stuff that processing has tall remain moisture content. Nuo letter offerred a variety of solutions for this one challenge, the efficient desiccator design that includes to realize place to require humidity level, automata that has the pattern plate that optimizes insulation, agile bypass system that can control retention period and critical process parameter, business grows manager Frank Asmuss to say. The modified material of high fill can cause maximum pressure, this challenges a gender to building a craft to also be had. Say according to Asmuss, nuo letter supplied BKG fuse-element pump to answer this one challenge, its clearance gets used to pressure accumulation, the bore of the pattern plate of elaborate design is very accurate and get used to material. Filling and other the additive that has abrasiveness can guide cause wear away, the protective coating that this can get on through pattern plate and metallic processing will answer. Another kind of solution is automatic razor blade adjust, it can be compensated continuously to wearing away, and online abrasive tool, offer the automatic grinding of pattern plate, in order to prolong the service life of pattern plate and razor blade. Reclaim the demand   that material produces reclaims the processing of content is becoming more and more general. It gives mix refine raised more requirement with the craft that build bead, because supplied materials often compares former unripe polymer,fluctuate bigger, pollution is more. Asmuss says, the filter of fuse-element of system of BKG HiCon V-Type 3G that Nuo believes uses dynamical backflushing technology, can offer effective backflushing, fall the loss at the same time to low. Although “ uses efficient backflushing to change a network implement, mesh also is met be jammed very quickly by contaminant, because this and other application photograph are compared, need changes often mesh. Because change a net to be able to bring pressure loss every time, even if slight pressure loss, need possibly also to changing a network implement and booster pump is installed between the machine that build bead, he says ” . The BKG gear pump that “ Nuo believes can ensure constant craft pressure, because this sends the fuse-element of the system that build bead,flow even and fluent, this is to acquire high quality eventually the key of the product. ”Austria builds Econ of bead aircraft manufacturer dedicated also at high automation. Its ECOnia is full automatic underwater built a machine to deploy Pellet Vision system to come monitoring grain, detecting parameter of craft of the self-correcting when deviation. This company shows, this system can reduce unqualified material and increase craft stability. ECONia product line still deployed a compositive robot, need not the hand is moved start and the hand is moved change a knife, econ says this is safer to operator, reduced manufacturing machine down time. This company claims, an operator can be operated efficiently through control and control amounts to 10 to produce a line. At the beginning of last year, german IPS (company of Intelligent Pelletising Solutions, intelligence creates a solution company) to biology Tecnaro of plastic production business offerred SG 220/2 brace to build an equipment and underwater of Ips-UWG 75 S to make a system. New facility is the one part with outspread production of Tecnaro biology polymer, the biology polymer that its produce includes to be used at car, building, solar energy, pack and the biology of the market such as furniture is plastic with biology composite material. Allegedly system of underwater of UWG 75 S suits to produce globose grain particularly, and as a result of it modular design, can undertake in the light of the client's application and requirement particularly custom-built. Below this kind of circumstance, IPS can last in the light of Tecnaro data range of products optimized a system, include special the perforative pattern plate that change one's costume or dress, it allows natural fiber to enhance biology plastic undertake building bead below the circumstance that is not damaged. Say according to IPS, the crop of UWG 75 S is as high as 700 Kg/h. It deployed water pump of craft of pilot of a frequency, can have energy-saving setting to craft water consumption. Water Wen Tong crosses board type heat exchanger to undertake modulatory. Grain examines the Sikora that   is located in Germany according to headquarters says, of grain online detect use increasingly at quality control, wait for a domain in medical treatment and high-pressured cable especially. Use optics of system of its Purity Scanner Advanced is photographed the contaminant that detect like the head and classifies grain surface or become angry (include macula) , use X ray technology online detect grain surface or internal metallic foreign matter. We see “ all and plastic manufacturer and treatment business and modified industry are right the strong demand of expensive stuff purity, sale of ” this company is in charge of Ralf Kulenkampff to say. Sikora still provides system of two laboratories leaving a line, contain X ray to photograph the Purity Co that resembles a headNcept X and contain optics to photograph the Purity Co that resembles a headNcept V. They are used at the material discharged before quality control, receiving inspection or delivery normally. Total position still provides the system that detect in real time in the process that build bead and identifies grain quality problem at the Inspection Technologies of Israel, include pollution, dimension and appearance change or color deflection. “ great majority makes a product line, no matter be modified,still reclaim, did not use online grain testing system, business of ” this company grows manager Gilad Roter to say. “ is commonner is, manufacturing staff evaluates sample belt pollution, size and form to the lab. If detect problem, criterion trouble removal may defer. Examine it is OK to take product line to go up undertake corrective instantly when discovering a problem. ”Say according to this company, using another when sample and checking from the line potential problem is, example cannot represent whole production flow possibly, because this problem may be omited. Under photograph comparing, persistent online monitoring can issue warning instantly to any problems. Roter expresses, the manufacturer of Israel modified material such as Tofrat, Kafrit and Polyram already was in its in a few factories of Israel the technology that implemented this company, and manufacturer of material of a few main modified also began to be in the product line of its Europe and far east 2021 implement this system. Reclaim the view that   of quality wave motion holds banquet apparitor Nadav Leshem concurrently according to the author of Inspection Technologies, online testing system also is helpful for what be polluted more easily reclaiming material builds bead. “ is used reclaim the fluctuation that a of material main limitation is product quality and quality; Online testing system can help contractible quality wave motion, he says ” . Inspection Technologies visible system is bear the harsh environment of plastic production and design, harsh environment may include high temperature, prevent agglomerate the abrasion such as the dust that additive produces and bead of vitreous fill mother and coupling agent or caustic material. Scanning of this equipment use face is photographed like the head (is not a line scanning is photographed like the head) . These photographing include a matrix resembling element like the head, is not a line resembling element, allow to use different illumination in the different share of picture frame. “ you can carry out many inspections job in one frame, different illumination type is used in fluctuation part, ”Leshem says. “ for example, to dimension, you need to see good outline, accordingly you need to form tall contrast with setting. Detect to the impurity such as macula, the system will use the illumination of different type. ”The design crop of small system is 1000 kilograms / hour, but this company has a few clients to be as high as 2.8 tons when using this technology / hour. This company still provides the system of double crop, can offer crop very quickly to obtain the facility of 3 times. Detect besides foreign matter outside, this system still analyses grain size and grain outline, can detect the cut of impropriety, for example “ tail ” . Of indication size of “ this system and appearance distributing, show this kind distributings whether occurrent change. You can see instantly whether to begin to grow ” of “ angel wool or “ tail ” , if exceed control limitation, you can set real time alarm, ”Roter says. When should needing to carry out the inspection job related to grain color, can photograph color in adding a system like the head. Besides online and continuous monitoring, still can increase unit of a sorting to come sorting is inferior grain. Leshem says, monitoring and the application of sorting leaving a line are usable plan better at the help and carry out safeguard. You need not be in “ book time to undertake preventive safeguard, hint undertake maintenance when your occurrence problem in monitoring however, he says ” . The article translates from AMI " deserve to mix " magazine writer: Jennifer Markarian interpreter: Zheng Rili edits / composing: Lily Ban

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