In Kemeisi nuclear coating (Yantai) total investment of limited company plan is built 200 million yuan produce per year project of product line of coating of 5000 tons of nucleuses, this project evaluates evaluation to meet at will creating security through product line project in July.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

This project changes one of subprojects of demonstrative base project as achievement of new material of chemical industry of the division in Yantai city, this achievement transforms demonstrative base by government of district of Yantai city a fabled abode of immortals, Yantai advanced make the division in saving lab and Yantai with green material Shandong tripartite of advanced material and academy of technology of industry of green chemical industry is joint-stock construction. Kemeisi judges in annulus in say in the report: Below the setting that brings into the enterprise hypostatic detailed list in the United States, in answer to the appeal, domain of neck ” technology gets stuck to strive to obtain more breakthrough in “ of nuclear report coating, master the firmly of active advantageous position of technology and development in him hand, the project recommends range inside pass EDF exclusively (group of French electric power) the French painting technology of attestation, si Tu makings of beauty of shirt-sleeve France is technology of painting of banner nucleus report, medium the actual strength of research and development with abundant place of Lanzhou of standard of technology of application of paint of report of nuclear group nucleus, Chinese Academy of Sciences, construction produces per year project of product line of coating of 5000 tons of nucleuses. Main product basically is the project entirely annulus oxygen and annulus oxygen phenolic aldehyde kind coating and solidify agent, particular product and produce can the circumstance sees next tables:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Epoxy resin of liquid of — of main raw material and resinous of annulus oxygen phenolic aldehyde use project of product line of coating of 5000 tons of nucleuses the quantity is 846 tons respectively / year mix 305 tons / year, use amount is quite considerable. Kemeisi held water 2021 in, be located in area of garden of industry of chemical industry of Yantai a fabled abode of immortals, have technology of core of coating of nucleus of French Maestria whole set, the product enclothes nuclear power plant to use area entirely. Group of company technology research and development by the Chinese Academy of Sciences orchid the group of technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences that turns an assistant director Zhou Feng to be led for banquet scientist and composition of group of French Maestria technology. Introducing base of banner technology of nuclear report painting to go up, the company relies on the Chinese Academy of Sciences orchid the technical group that turns a Zhou Feng's assistant director to be banquet scientist, of market of cable of straight face nucleus more hi-tech requirement, the whole set that waits for a client circularly for nuclear power plant, nucleus defends coating solution.

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