The Hexion company that headquarters is located in American Ohio Columbus city is one of epoxy resin suppliers with aerospace and banner domain of car composite material. Close, the odd constituent that the company asks to accord with aerospace application (1K) system and hope shape through double constituent the form of a Chinese character of the automobile industry that craft will come to optimize treatment removed bridge of a technology. Be based on its Epikote? System 600 epoxy resin, hexion developed a double constituent (2K) system, use at advocate structural RTM and vacuum complementary furtherance craft. Why does RTM craft need to use 2K resin? Published on September 13, 2019 " composite material " on the magazine, ginger Gardiner introduced company of Alpex Technologies of mould system expert (be located in Austrian Mils) the center of composite material technology that leaves with empty guest banner (CTC, be located in German Stade) the plan that collaboration adopts RTM technology a future life to produce part of composite material plane. In aerospace application, RTM craft tradition comes up saying is a low-pressure process, cycle presses hour of computation. The project of Alpex and CTC is dedicated can offer automation, fast infuse and 15- 20 at development minute the high-pressured RTM (HP-RTM) of cycle time. Jan Schiller (controller of project of CTC production system holds RTM technology chief concurrently) observe, before all RTM plane structures are used only by supplier compound 1K system, undertake attestation to mixture by the supplier after that, ensure colophony satisfies quality requirement. We are considering “ now 2K system, but the challenge is mixing quality at how ensuring. ”He explains, “ mixes 1K system to need refrigerated transport memory to react in order to prevent beforehand, till the spare parts is machined. relatively, 2K system saved this one expense not only, and can offer higher response rate and rapidder treatment rate. ”However, having a problem is, quality assures (QA) will transfer component manufacturer from colophony supplier at this point. “ this QA asks to detect mixture ratio exemple and the colophony quality after mixing, so this also includes the QA after constituent mixes. ”Hexion of Hexion     is the leader that develops fast solidify epoxy resin for craft of HP-RTM of car composite material. In March 2019, the JEC that the company holds in Paris is exhibited address on the meeting, say its are based on EPIKOTE? System 600 epoxy resin developed a 2K system that is aimed at craft of RTM of aviation structural member. Resemble beforehand dip material is same, the 1K system that is used at RTM and perfusion craft in aviation industry must maintain low temperature, and the expiration period is finite. 2K epoxy resin system, can break through original limitation not only, and reduced relevant cost. If pursue 1, the graph is shown 2 times, 2K technology reduced cold storage and the measure that heat afresh not only, and still removed to be opposite the limitation of volume of shipping colophony container: When use 1K system, shipping bulk needs to maintain in 20 litres the following, and want strict temperature control, otherwise colophony may be in memory process slowly ageing; To 2K system, 200 litres of buckets of the standard can be carried below the case that does not get temperature limitation, reduced thereby eventually the risk of the user and cost. Actual, 2K and tall active epoxy resin apply successfully already at wind report lamina and component of car composite material make. Nowadays, aviation composite material uses this kind of method, mixture scale of the test and verify before needing to noting model to the mould is correct, otherwise, hardware manufacturer will face huge risk. The analysis controls   to develop technology of this one 2K, two Germany company undertook Hexion and Hübers and Composyst cooperate. Hübers company is one mixes, metric and allocate (MMD) equipment manufacturer; Composyst company has empty guest vacuum to assist the exclusive license of perfusion craft. Hübers enjoys high reputation in respect of high-powered MMD system, this system basically is used at electric electron component to make (be like transformer cast colophony and macerate component to wait) , and the colophony inject that Composyst is empty guest for use of an emperor and perfusion expert. Pass the close cooperation of tripartite, hexion can understand plane OEM adequately to assure the demand of the respect in mixture colophony treatment and quality. After equipment of Hübers of classics of constituent of the A of epoxy resin, B mixes accurately and preparation introduces a mould, analytic control begins to produce effect. Graph 3 in the crucial part that be located in the clarinet between device of Hübers MMD system and perfusion of vacuum bag VAP is system of this analysis control, also be the analyses equipment seat that controls mixture ratio exemple in real time. Hexion already proved its are OK every 12 seconds measure mixture ratio exemple, but also can undertake more frequent measurement. In fact, this technology can control mixture ratio exemple continuously, and on record. This system can have double control: Of the normal control in MMD unit and coping inject beforehand analytic control. The MMD equipment of Hübers is famed with its precision and accuracy. They have a double pump system that carries double constituent raw material, must assure accurate bulk and temperature, and the precise mixture scale that application needs. Mix after mix before inject, this analysis controls unit to still can undertake the 2nd times metrical, here can install target early-warning. If what measure gotten mixture ratio not to amount to mark, can spark alarm. Next, the system can discharge mixture colophony an alone container in, bypass mould, make its won't enter perfusion component. Can resume a course next and continue to inject. Of Hexion hind mix those who analyse control system to offer an independence to inject beforehand but record of go against the river, also but the demand according to the client is compositive in MMD unit. The MMD unit of Hübers can undertake taking off gas thoroughly to colophony raw material, this also is requirement of electronic industry place, produce thereby piece without empty or the applied spare parts of hole. This system still can assure the implementation of craft pressure and the independent flow that record the data when makings. Accordingly, use this kind of device to be able to realize first-rate macerate, shorten perfusion time, at the same time contented aviation industry is led in hole and the quality of fiber bulk respect asks. Because better treatment window   mixes be glassware is mixed in the static state medium happening, and be before inject flashy finish, makes reactivity compound has longer working life (more than 1K nearly 40% ) . Longer treatment window makes we can make fiber bulk be the lamination of thick carbon fiber of 60% board (see a picture 4) . Because chemical structure and dynamical structure keep changeless, the mechanical function of 2K and 1K system is so same (if pursue,5 are shown) . New-style shape beforehand finalize the design agent   uses RTM to go to the lavatory or perfusion craft is made large and complex compound, hexion developed next generation to finalize the design agent technology will answer this kind of complex prefabricated component. Whole technology can divide for category of 3 different products: 1. EPIKOTE? Resin 05311 is a kind of RTM that already was approved finalizes the design agent colophony. It and fiber have good adherent power, have at the same time store goodly stability and fight cold fluidity. 2. EPIKOTE? Resin 05347 is a kind of solid hot frit finalizes the design colophony, apply to automation the spray application in prefab craft. It has good fiber to add exert oneself likewise, come in room temperature still can keep agglutinant between 50°C. Notable is, can pass automatic fiber / adhesive plaster shop is put obtain rigid prefabricated component, if proprietary of Coriolis Composites company is automatic,prefabricated component produces a system. EPIKOTE? The constituent that Resin 05347 can allow with epoxy resin by epoxy resin only is comprised, can not have with a variety of Hexion colophony systems seam compositive. 3. EPIKOTE TEXFIX? Colophony shapes beforehand as new generation finalize the design the agent is in development, the hope is inside the temperature limits of wider extensive, also can come true exceedingly good shape beforehand stiffness, activation or cross-linking sex, and the adherent strength with have better to fiber and superior hot performance, will improve standard powder to finalize the design with this agent. These characteristic union will conduce to the design of prefabricated component of large and complex RTM and processing, what improve finished product is thermomechanical function.

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