Hexcel will cooperate and develop HexPly, HiMax and HiTape technology further, shape liquid of its composite material craft (LCM) the product brings into project frame.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Hertz family name / Hexcel (British Cambridge) announced on March 29, it already joined the project ASCEND that starts in England nearly (the development that aviation and car supply catenary to drive) , this project will devote oneself to to develop high speed to make with processing technique, develop new-style light qualitative advanced composite material quickly. Hexcel will with Hang Yu of main partner GKN (England Suolihaer) and other relative of 13 projects interest cooperates, supply in whole England undertake cooperative in catenary, development creates more energy-saving and light-duty, efficient structure, the air fluidity that can last in order to come true, aerospace and the skill that auto industry requires and automation equipment. This company will be ASCEND project frame to make contribution, develop a new HexPly fast solidify beforehand dip makings system, hexcel expresses, with existing aviation beforehand dip makings photograph is compared, it will reduce a component to handle time greatly. Besides new fast solidify beforehand outside dip makings technology, the composite material liquid of Hexcel shapes craft (LCM) range of products still will be brought into in ASCEND project tool bag. This project will use HiTape at the same time advanced and one-way (UD) dry carbon fiber enhances much axis of material and HiMax to be not curly fabric (NCF) enhance material. ASCEND project will make Hexcel and OEM of one form corporation, engineer, tool expert and manufacturing facilities cooperate, in order to offer beforehand dip makings and LCM solution, these solutions satisfy function objective already, satisfy the treatment demand that high speed automation creates again. The technology that through ASCEND project partner the relation implements is compositive will ensure the function to the client and treatment demand have complete knowledge, the powerful function of the technical center that the opportunity uses GKN to be located in Bulisituoer undertakes industrialization to new technology. “ we are honoured to be able to become ASCEND to plan a medium very much, we expect to cooperate with other and lead company, travel, aerospace and motor-driven car go out to become a possibility in conducing to the sky that makes next generation can last because of the technology that we develop and material, ”paul Mackenzie, the senior vice president of Hexcel holds CTO concurrently to say. “ this project provided a perfect platform for Hexcel, in order to undertake collaboration develops our HexPly further, hiMax and HiTape technology. ”Project member includes: British Assyst Bullmer (Wei overcomes Field) , cobham Mission Systems (Wen Baien) , cygnet Texkimp (Northwich) , FAR-UK Ltd. (Xibulijifude) , hive Composites (Laisite county) , LMAT, loop Technology (Duoqiesite) , stride triumphant annulus Motor Corporation (fertile gold) , center of British composite material (NCC, bulisituoer) , rafinex (London) , sigmatex (Chesire) , suo Erwei composite material and Airborne (Lan Baien) with Des Composites (thank Field) . This group expects to offer material and automation innovation jointly, these innovation go what can last what be future more a solution to provide power.

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