Recently, ancient bronze mirror judge attestation center Xiang Hua can project of cable of 4 maritime wind austral the dark green below Zhejiang company issued maritime and wind- driven generation set - design of the unifinication below typhoon of the structure that prop up is evaluated accord with a proof, this is home design of unifinication of wind- driven generation set evaluates certificate on Zhang Hai, also be ancient bronze mirror judge explore design of unifinication of maritime wind report and the fundamental application that evaluate program, will be report of our country maritime wind extensive development offers quality safety to ensure. Maritime environment is unpredicatable, the job of check of field location adaptability of wind electric field appears particularly important. Project of cable of 4 maritime wind austral Hua Nengcang is located in Zhejiang to visit sea area of the eastpart part of the county austral dark green, as a result of special situation, coastal typhoon extreme value amounts to the Zhejiang southeast that the project is in generally 12 class above, 110 meters of height encounter standard density 50 years great wind speed is 71.8 meters / second, of this wind- driven to the project generation set fought typhonic sex and security to raise taller requirement. Ancient bronze mirror judge according to " CGC- R49049: Attestation of project of cable of 2019 maritime wind implements regulation " regard an organic whole as the design below ambient conditions of present location typhoon to project field location and lead plane, mast, foundation security undertakes assessment, include criterion of evaluation of lead plane consistency, design to evaluate, ambient conditions evaluation and design of the affirmatory, strategy that defy a table evaluate field location, unifinication load is evaluated, security of the structure below the typhoon is evaluated etc, the course is evaluated, this project satisfies project maritime space to refuse a demand. Float as far-reaching sea the large-scale application of type wind report, should keep watch more electric machinery group and infrastructure regard whole as to undertake security is evaluated. This project of cable of 4 maritime wind austral Hua Nengcang is home the wind cable project that infrastructure of union of group of second wind electric machinery has unifinication is evaluated. Be opposite unlike insurance device of the finance on international a purpose is mandatory requirement, design of unifinication of report of our country maritime wind is evaluated, project attestation still is in start level. Ancient bronze mirror judge as detect famously attestation orgnaization, the formulate that whole journey participated in regulation of international of attestation of IECRE OD-502 project changes his released " CGC-R49049:2Attestation of project of cable of 019 maritime wind implements regulation " , in the light of unifinication design security and effect are evaluated, formed complete assessment plan; Rose 2019, ancient bronze mirror judge attestation of batch of project of maritime wind cable and maritime unifinication design were begun to evaluate attestation in home pilot, perfected the design of project of cable of our country maritime wind, construction, security risk that runs complete lifecycle to prevent accuse a solution, will move for maritime project safety, drive dimensions of maritime wind report to change development to escort the Emperor convoy.

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