In November 2020, WEAV3D of enterprise of American newly established received a commercial order since holding water. Make to the car from aerospace flounder, with the building the market regards a technology as the station of be born after, the do poineering work road of WEAV3D has twists and turns one time quite.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Nevertheless, company author Oberste and his group still values the composite material progress in automobile industry. Executing order while, they more actively and Euramerican plant of each old lead plane and one class supplier are contacted often, search produce car interior trim with WEAV3D technology, the commercial opportunity of the car face plate such as door of Pi Ka end. Our technology will change “ the quantity of automobile industry produces regulation. ”Oberste expresses, it can produce “ every year 200 thousand - face plate of 500 thousand cars, quality can compare a shoulder with metallic face plate, but weight is lighter. More crucial is, with organic board, the craft photograph such as ATL is compared, its manufacturing cost dropped 30%-75% . ”This technology of WEAV3D technology   is substantially a kind what have with the market is thermoplastic one-way beforehand dip takes those who be raw material to braid a technology, do not have special requirement to fiber and resinous sort, and the one-way belt of different sort can be mixed with. In early days experiment, technical personnel uses PP, PC, PET, PA to wait more thermoplastic colophony and Bo fine, carbon fine enhances material two kinds, return those who studied metal tape material and fiber-optic strip to braid feasibility. Through the drawing of equipment, beforehand dip belt is braided to form structure of classics abb reseau, the squeezing ramming of the illuminate of repass infrared ray and roller axis, hind with sheet or roll the form of material delivers to a client. According to demand, WEAV3D still can provide the service such as treatment of prefabricated component of structural Jian Xiuhe. The reseau structure in the graph is mixed used carbon fiber / fine of PP, Bo / PP and cupreous belt   of 3 kinds of strip is current, the machine of full measure experiment of WEAV3D basically machines the strip of 25 millimeter fabric width, add assemble comfortable implement hind can machine fabric width to be able to fall to 5 millimeter, after whole changes his costume or dress, can promote to 25 millimeter above. Structure of reseau of finished product composite material but wide reach 1.5 meters, thick to 5 layer, length unlimited. Oberste expresses, the dominant position with this large technology is high flexibility and adaptability, can change requirement according to the difference of disparate industry, adjust beforehand of the sort that dip takes and reseau braid density. Client but basis eventually the requirement of the product, undertake rework to reseau structure with different follow-up technology. If component appearance is opposite simple, heat of OK and direct lay up shapes; If have difficulty a bit, can mould pressing shapes; If height is complex, can first make it prefabricated component, next compound moulding shapes. What “ increases with reseau structure is short cut fiber / long fiber composite material, its intensity, hardness and stiffness will get remarkable promotion, this conduces to reduce component thickness, reduce reinforcement dosage, come true to be decreased further eventually heavy. ”Current, WEAV3D been beginninging the generation below hand research and development to braid equipment, the target points to car market continuously, predict to will come out 2022, manufacturing efficiency hopeful rises to 3 times more existing, red extra heat and roller axis system also will by more efficient supersonic solder systematic place is replaced.

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