A few days ago, shandong province hair changes appoint release external " the announcement that about print and distribute provincial 2023 priority discipline adjusts list " . " announcement " the department saves what the beginning of the year releases to saved the list after aspirant travel adjusts the major project list, base that visited priority discipline list 2023 2023 in Shandong. This second province priority discipline is adjusted involve transfer into list, v list is reached by preparation kind adjust to carry out category eye list 3 kinds, add up to 654 projects.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Was 2023 below Shandong saves provincial priority discipline to transfer into in list, the petrifaction chemical industry that Shandong province involves in major project classification is relevant project:

Limited company of new material of 1. day Chen Qixiang already 2 nitrile 2 period project (prepare kind) 2. Couplet material of division profit new energy resources and biology but project of degradation material unifinication 3. Limited company of science and technology of biology of Shandong embellish spring produces per year project of new material of degradation of 1 million tons of whole live thing 4. Limited company of science and technology of new material of Shandong glad state produces per year 40000 tons to be opposite (adjacent) the project of chloric toluene ramification such as chloric toluene 5. Limited company of data of Shandong Ou Yagao element produces per year 45000 tons to get together acyl inferior project of material of monomer of amine high polymer 6. Limited company of chemistry of Shandong thick alone 200 thousand tons / year project of body of van of material of lithium battery negative pole 7. Port area reachs Yantai harbor on the west project of pipeline of crude oil of island of Long Kouyu dragon 8. Project of poineering center of innovation of limited company of academy of new material of Yantai peaceful and new material high polymer 9. Shandong sea changes source net to carry on one's shoulder or back store unifinication demonstrative project 10. Shandong is mixed newly essence of life turns project of new material of material of new energy resources of limited company of science and technology and environmental protection 11. Zhu Chengtai fills chemical Inc. to produce per year 100 thousand tons of N- ketone of methylic pyrrole alkyl and eye of expenditures of hydric and integrated interest 12. New material of chemical industry of high end of limited company of science and technology of new material of Shandong age colour and its monomer project (2 period) 13. Shandong treasure Buddhist nun 100 thousand tons / year liquid lithium salt, 60 thousand tons / year lithium of 6 fluorine phosphoric acid, 50 thousand tons / year acyl of double fluorine sulphur inferior amine lithium produces an item 14. Luck comes new material (Shandong) limited company 200 thousand tons / year suitable anhydride device and project of project of form a complete set 15. Shandong Hua Luheng rises chemical Inc. 300 thousand tons / year binary acerbity project 16. Shandong letter sends item of aluminium of pvc of a polyethylene of chloridize of limited company of unconscious plastic science and technology, chloridize, aggregate chloridize 17. Without younger brother limited company of group of chemical industry of Xin high mountain 200 thousand tons / year BDO but degradation green new material and project of form a complete set (preparation kind) 18. In in sea oily Bo (bank city) energy limited company bank conduit of city natural gas builds a project 19. Eminent boat new material (He lustre) limited company - carbonic acid of 150 thousand T/a project of 2 armour ester

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