Carry out to drive be born of project of catenary of a batch of major industries, on March 16, tai'an city holds item of major industry catenary second concentration start working activity, advocate the assembly room is set in another name for Taishan Mountain garden of industry of big data of politics and law of Mount Taishan of high mountain area, other 12 industries catenary creates branch field respectively, share 99 priority discipline to centralize go into operation, always invest 39.5 billion yuan. Fat city sets go into operation of 3 branch field 3 big projects, total investment achieves 2.1 billion yuan, amount of start working project ranks new and high region of each county urban district and Tai'an. This second activity has even line kind through video, the 3 branch field of fat city is field of branch of catenary of new energy industry respectively, high-powered fiber and catenary of composite material industry divide an assembly room, catenary of industry of high-end chemical industry divides an assembly room.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
As we have learned, be in what catenary of new energy industry separates assembly room go into operation to produce per year epoxy resin project of class of 180 thousand tons of electron, by construction of limited company of science and technology of oxygen of annulus of Shandong heart source, always invest 1 billion yuan, the project uses engineering technology of international innovation production, a of double phenol of special type of purity of electronic class freeboard epoxy resin replaces abroad completely to import, fill home makes blank independently, solved colophony of domestic high end kind electronic chemical blocks neck a hard nut to crack. The project is cast entirely postpartum, year can realize production value 6 billion yuan, profit tax 980 million yuan, market share is provincial the market is had rate achieve 50% above, home market is had rate achieve 30% , the international market is had rate achieve 6% . The compasses of enlarge of material of filter of environmental protection of high temperature of Shandong Tai Peng group in start working of high-powered fiber and field of branch of catenary of composite material industry and intelligence change production to transform a project, by Shandong peaceful roc group invests construction, it is the priority discipline of strategy of ” of strong city of industry of fat city executive “ , always invest 500 million yuan. The day of start working of field of branch of catenary of industry of high-end chemical industry closes 150 sign tile farming is smooth + fishing light is complementary project, by Tai'an day peaceful new energy limited company invests construction, it is to visit a prefectural territory completely capital attraction “ crosses a province to open the project that handles ” mode to handle business license, always invest 600 million yuan, the project plans to act aircraft total capacity 150 million are made of baked clay, standard of component of smooth hot season is the level of Xiang Guangfu international that raise. Focusing advantage industry, get together power project construction, fat city is in since this year new-style industrialization is strong try to be the first of the do all one can in city construction, the gross value of industrial output on the compasses inside year will achieve 67 billion yuan, grow 15% above, the breakthrough inside 5 years one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two, year all grow 10% above. Focusing project is built, catch real try to find a solution to enrol business with all one's strength. Comb decide 500 executive category look, always invest 77.7 billion yuan. Outstanding had caught the azure carbon that invests 1.3 billion yuan to counteract industrial garden, 1 billion yuan freeboard purity 54 priority discipline visitting town such as epoxy resin of electric sub level, ensure have new project go into operation every months, the complete inside year 300, the investment that finish 34 billion yuan of above. Wait for 25 to cross 100 million yuan of ability to change a project to attach most importance to a dot with garden of industry of Tai Pengxin data, encourage company production to change line, equipment to change core, investment is completed inside year 5 billion yuan of above. Around advantage industry, aim at domestic industry to get army enterprise, the plan introduces item of a batch of form a complete set, the autograph inside year makes an appointment with be born 90, reach the designated position capital 8 billion yuan of above.

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