On April 8, academy of advanced material technology (heart city) can high additional cost uses limited company and hydrogen project technology center uncovers card and cooperative project autograph to make an appointment with a ceremony to save classics of heart state city to open an area in Shandong medium innovation poineering garden holds yuan of science and technology, yang Hongtao of vice secretary of heart state municipal Party committee, mayor, la Xing (group) Gao Jianjun of Inc. vise general manager, the leader honored guest such as peak of king of vice-chancellor of Beijing chemical industry is attended.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Academy of advanced material technology (heart city) limited company is built by research center of technology of project of Beijing carbon fiber and combination of heart state municipal government, basically begin scientific research and technical development, achievement to make over, science and technology seeks advice to be evaluated with achievement of service, science and technology and technology knowledge travels and popularize the service of science and technology that waits for business, aim to strengthen research and development of core key material, promotion equipment makes a standard, industrialization of achievement of stimulative science and technology is changed, catenary of industry of be well versed in, enterprise of hatch be born, drive changeover of heart state industry to upgrade jointly, achieve new kinetic energy. On the meeting, company of the limited company of limited company of fiber of Lanzhou blue star, group of heart of Shandong case luck, Si Mafei that overcome fatigue and academy of advanced material technology (heart city) limited company signed strategic cooperation agreement; Limited company of science and technology of Shandong country fiber and academy of advanced material technology (heart city) limited company was signed about developing carbon fiber jointly the strategy of downstream goods cooperates agreement.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City