In clinical applying, because most water gel forms framework tigidity too strong and do not have dynamic quality, be caused easily by exterior and mechanical power be out of shape or damage, guide cause with loss of life, cause affect and cause inflammation to react. Gel of self-healing sex water is the water gel that ego rehabilitate can realize after a kind of injury, have dynamic quality, can adjust through structural design physics and chemical function, those who undertake the function is changed is accurate decorate, if introduce hydrophily base round, fight bacterium radical group to wait, be decorated through changing scale of metal of molecular parameter, / distributing system, polymer or modified adjust mechanical function and dynamic function, can be imitated or with interaction of dynamic biology environment. In addition, gel of self-healing sex water can lade a variety of biology active material, through the structure the design makes its have a variety of biology stimulation to answer a gender, control the medicaments that change cure, protein or cell to wait on space and time release. These distinctive function make the design that gets gel of self-healing sex water and preparation are in project of transmissive, organization and domain of second birth medicine have medicaments to apply foreground capaciously. Gel of water of   of mechanism of water gel self-healing is becomes by cross-linking of hydrophily high polymer three-dimensional network system, different cross-linking kind can gift the property with water different gel, for instance hydrogen bolts cross-linking, smooth cross-linking, PH answers cross-linking to wait. Build by the cross-linking network form that has dynamic character form this kind of material to have the self-healing sex that solicits a sex originally, because this sets dynamic and reversible cross-linking action,be the key that preparation self-healing adds up to water gel. General component is reversible cross-linking action action of reversible covalent bond (be like inferior amine bolts) with action of reversible blame covalent bond (the key that be like hydrogen) . On one hand dynamic chemical bond is had to a variety of environment stimulation answer a gender, can destroy the loss that cause to have ego repair to the outside on the other hand, can ego adjustment changes with acclimatization, it is to develop gel of self-healing sex water from comfortable sex muti_function the development of intelligent new material laid a foundation.   of   of action of reversible covalent bond 1, inferior amine key and   of acyl Zong key inferior amine key, also make hope the husband is alkaline, be by uncle amine and active carbonyl compound (aldehyde radical, ketone) produce condensation to react and generate, have dynamic and reversible character. Accordingly with inferior the water gel that amine key is cross-linking structure has certain self-healing to add up to a gender. Apply extensively at biology at present medical the high polymer in material gets together like housing candy, get together lysine, polyethylene inferior amine, Pu gets together the material such as candy, protein and polypeptide is contained those who abound is amino, use these high polymer to design inferior the self-healing of preparation of amine key cross-linking adds up to water gel to there is tremendous applied perspective in biology medicine respect. Acyl Zong key also is a kind of dynamic and reversible chemical bond, mix by acyl hydrazine aldehyde radical reaction is generated. Acyl Zong key belongs to a union is stabler kind in dynamic covalent bond, have apparent PH dependence. 2, reaction of Diels-Alder of   of Diels-Alder reaction   , addition of name double Xi, by conjugate double Xi and olefin or alkyne hydrocarbon reaction make the response of 6 yuan of annulus, have hot reversibility, can use the chemical cross-linking that makes self-healing add up to water gel to react. In the research before, the researcher was developed bouncy, can inject of the gender muti_function water gel and the constituent agglutinate ability that are based on DA to click chemistry are used at cartilage to organize repair. In addition, pass furan radical and Ma Lai acyl inferior the annulus that the DA between amine clicks chemistry to form personal Xi ramification (oxygen - fall borneol Xi base round) can pass sulfur alcohol - Xi reaction undertakes effective ground and sulfur alcohol radical group reacts, can use at the farther luscious gel that turn water.   of   of action of reversible blame covalent bond 1, key of hydrogen of   of hydrogenous key action is a kind of weaker than covalent bond and electrovalent bond action blame covalent bond force, it is general in consist in organism and chemical element. Hydrogenous key is a kind of reversible action, be destroyed below high temperature, microtherm falls to be formed afresh. Because this can use hydrogenous key,this one character comes the self-healing of cross-linking of preparation hydrogen key adds up to water gel. 2, the metal matchs a metal of key action   to match a key is by transfer the metal is ionic (like Fe3+ , Zn2+ , Cu2+ ) offer empty course, distribute system (be like - OH, - COOH base round) a kind of chemical bond that offers Gu to be formed to the electron. The metal matchs a key to have dynamic and reversible quality, it is preparation cut a kind of when become rare to add up to water gel with self-healing active member to devise strategy. Match body element through covalent on high polymer framework union, and to introduce metallic ion among them, can form be based on distribute system - the cross-linking feature that the metal matchs a key, thereby preparation gives the water gel that has self-healing to combine function. Match body and metallic ion through what the choice differs, but preparation gives the water gel that has a series of different and mechanical strength, in order to satisfies medicine of different live thing to use medium mechanical requirement.   of heal of cut of   of application of gel of self-healing sex water appeared in recent years dressing of cut of second birth sex, the skin that can treat damage effectively is organized. Investigator people the cut dressing that offerred a lot of different types, reach water gel dressing like fiber of rice of filmy, balata, bubble, accept. These material are had carry cut all round damp environment, absorb an organization exudation and tall oxygen are osmotic, in order to promote character of beautiful organization reborn. Water gel has the network of 3 D polymer of tall hydration, compare with dry weight photograph, can combine times more water, hold the high-moisture position of cut thereby. Can serve as the cell, agent that fight bacterium, grow the carrier of factor, replenishers. Water gel besides having good inject sex, self-healing sex, still have adhesiveness, live thing consistence and the sex that fight bacterium, coccus of yellow to gold lubricious grape and large intestine dust of rare bacterium restrain rate mix for 96 % respectively 98 % , suit to give medical action to be in at cut through inject, the heal of stimulative cut. The dressing that regards the skin and articulatory cut as heal from the gel of the water that fight bacterium of heal sex and good and mechanical function has important applied perspective. Cheng of weaver of group of   of group weaver Cheng is to point to the cell from the depart inside body hind, the enlarge outside classics body is added, carry the material of constituent project support that at biology consistence good, chemistry stabilizes to go up, the course of the affected part inside again embedded body. In cellular training course, material of bracket of group weaver Cheng needs those who be a cell to grow provide enough nourishment, appropriate proliferous environment, also want to have particular mechanical strength at the same time, the hyperplasia inside the body that is a cell offers good three-dimensional structure to wait. Water gel itself has extremely high water content, can provide good nutrient metabolization material to grow inside cellular body, the three-dimensional and stereo structure that water gel itself cicatrizations oneself in the meantime can match with the organization inside body better, the self-healing function of its itself is a cell small achieve the possibility was offerred inside embedded body, because this self-healing adds up to water gel in the cell in three-dimensional education be applied extensively. Medicaments carries   water gel to regard medicaments as carrier not only but element of directional and locomotive medicaments, polypeptide, albumen, and can serve as protein or cooperate content enzymaticly. The three-dimensional and reticulate structure of water gel interior and a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place with in-house gel of be well versed in to locomotive medicaments diffuse and locomotive biology active element has main idea. With other synthesis data phase is compared, structure of water gel interior and character of human body organization are adjacent, because this water gel is in invisible glasses, biology passes skin of feeling, man-made and medicaments to send the domain has wide applied perspective. Copy gives birth to skin   to wait for the development of the domain as artificial intelligence and software robot, the research and development of the multi-function transducer that imitates human body skin to feel ability and mechanical function and preparation get the attention of increasing investigator. In chemical domain, the gel of high polymer water of specific structure is OK the touch of imitate person, because among them carry stream child it is an electron, with the person principle of true cutaneous job is close to very much. Electronic parts / sensor   but drawing conductor is in future the application of all sorts of domains is indispensable, for example but drawing board, flexible store can device, electrode, sensor and can apparel device. To achieve these goals, crucial question is to introduce mechanical intensity and electrical conductivity at the same time. Electric water gel because its exceedingly good flexibility, good electric character and but harmonious mechanical function and have unifinication latent capacity. Up to now, in the researcher of each domain studied electric water gel already extensively, for example, the electric polymer that uses in flexible and super capacitor and sensor water gel. Can use extensively from heal water gel at biology medical, preparation is flexible the special and professional domain such as skin material. Because its are had good hydrophily, exciting to a variety of environments answer sex of gender, high strenth, tall drawing, tall tenacity exceedingly good use property from repair and loop, water gel organizes the respect such as project and electronic skin to have original advantage in biology. But still do not perfect from the preparation technology of material of heal water gel at present, high water content makes function needs its machine, the research direction that did not come from material of heal water gel basically is reducing manufacturing cost, seek actor plan and configuration means.

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