Brilliance share (001333) on August 21 harden closing quotation, share price rises 9.99% , closing quotation price is 28.08 yuan.

This in the morning 9:35:30 harden. End 15:00:31 open harden 3 times, 25 seconds grow 3 hours 48 minutes when sealing harden. Its harden is sealed harden compose loses, highest the quantity that seal sheet: Nine million two hundred and fifty-five thousand two hundred, seal at present board amount: One million one hundred and forty-three thousand seven hundred, occupy shed all-around actually 3.57% , occupy clinch a deal that day quantity: 11.30% .

[case study]

Category of reason of brilliance share harden uses polyester resin for coating + enclose material + energy-saving environmental protection + second new. 1, the company appears on the market date is 2022-12-08, advocate battalion uses polyester resinous research and development, production and sale for coating.

2, interactive on August 16: The electron that the company has encloses material to regard the polyester of special purpose as colophony with polyester colophony technology, already realized small lot to try at present produce, progress is good.

3, company main product uses polyester resin for coating. Polyester colophony is the main raw material that produces coating, coating regards green as the environment friendly model industrial coating category, because any organic dissolvent are not contained in its composition, have free from contamination, 0 VOCs to discharge so, reclaim technology of outfit of tall, besmear reachs utilization rate simply automation degree is advanced characteristic, coating of the environmental protection that already was approbated extensively by the market at present green.

4, company product already was sold southeasterly inferior, the many countries such as Europe, America, Africa.

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