“ this year, face catch hard those who grind is flexible situation of colophony edition market and contest taste swift and violent market offensive, happy Kaihuaguang pressworks limited company of science and technology is answered actively, develop market, fall cost, promote quality, protect supply, hua Guang card is flexible the situation that colophony edition maintains quantity, qualitative Qi Sheng. Before 9 months, soft edition of Hua Guang card is produced, annul grow respectively compared to the same period 25.69% with 23.69% , digital soft edition is produced, annul ahead of schedule assignment of goal of the 3 months annual that finish. ” faces the production September to manage forms for reporting statistics, ground of as if relieved of a heavy load of yellow dawn of general manager of department of career of happy triumphant Hua Guang's assistant chief engineer, soft edition introduced soft edition to manage a situation.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Hua Guang edition is flexible colophony edition is a when happy Kaihuaguang develops independently new products, have own intellectual property to tooling from the recipe. Current, sales volume of soft edition of Le Kaihua light holds total output about very one of, home market is had rate achieve 3 into above, soft edition manages the job to become happy Kaihuaguang to produce a window that manage. Ministry of career of “ soft edition can obtain such result, with management, fall this, the market is developed, control risk is inseparable ” yellow dawn introduced nearly two years to come the experience practice of ministry of soft edition career. Administrative promotion adds “ of vigor     to run promotion, clear sign is a career the ministry makes execute. The in-house vitality that the propulsion that career ministry makes arouses, rose to handle affairs efficiency and work efficiency. Ministry of career of ” soft edition makes Zhang Hong of a manager such say. The fact that career ministry makes manages brought vitality for production all right, increased power, technology of a gleam of and administrator also have experience very much. Chen Xin is personnel of a when ministry of soft edition career makes a craft do common technology, he is in charge of client complaint handling. These two years, career ministry is made change make the liability that increases various staff and mission. “ our workload increased, of each link join more smooth. ” is right this, chen Xin has feeling very much. Make reform and administrative promotion through career ministry, career department staff is compressed, change shifts mode change, by 4 original 3 pour instead 3 two, reduce the amount that use worker worker, reduce labour cost; Decrease to use work number temporarily, improved manufacturing efficiency. Career ministry strengthens production, platoon to produce, get the materials ready the cast-iron pipe of each node accuses; From semi-manufactured goods, inventory, case, pull current Cheng, order government, maintain the respect such as safe stocks to undertake integrated balance, reasonable allocation, reduce two gold to take up; Old to sales volume product has made certain reserve, make sure the market is supplied. Quality of   of market of mass promotion develop is the edge tool that the market extends. Nearly two years, ministry of soft edition career did cogent and significant work in the light of mass promotion. The mass promotion of ministry of career of “ soft edition promotes quantity of produce and sale to be main content with promoting digital edition quality. Ministry of soft edition career is fulfilled through accelerating automation project plan, those who improve the measure such as function of dominant product R394Q-II carry out, promote product quality, stimulative market increment. Chief engineer Yang Huai builds department of career of ” soft edition say. This year, ministry of soft edition career increases investment of project of soft edition automation to use, the use of automation equipment went to the lavatory personnel operation, reduced worker amount of labor substantially, avoid the n loss that causes because of artificial error, promoted the efficiency that pack and n, reduce labour cost. Soft edition produces cooperation of concerted effort of ministry and one ministry, 2 institutes, through improving a recipe, improve laser ablation craft of cloth of black film besmear, improve digital edition to produce the multinomial move such as craft, overall stability promotes a number the quality of edition, through clean room clean Wen Da mark transforms degree of zephyr, raise clean to be spent completely, stable wind is warm; Solve product line tension to be not stabilized with other a few little ability arrange ability revise a project, improve performance of product quality, stable product, realize promotion of mass of edition of soft edition number, n photograph is compared the corresponding period promoted last year 2.82% . Solve problem of function of dominant product R394Q-II, via improving the edition after material feeling is spent and exposure latitude all regains normal level, the feeling that because wave motion of raw material quality is caused,solved is spent wait for a problem quickly, edition material of production checks at past market is being sent in succession at the beginning of September, report is at present favorable. The product property that soft edition career built home to precede detects, analytic center, strict product quality accuse. Complain to the user undertake tracing to the source, the demand with higher side waits in apparent, function to the user, achieve duty standard taller, requirement is stricter, because quality problem causes a client to lose,prevent. Those who adopt a series of measure carry out, this year, n of soft edition of number of ministry of soft edition career promotes nearly 3 percent, domestic and international sale presents good the look of things, sale of convention soft edition continues to maintain growth. Cost controls “ of   of synergism beneficial   to do good cost to control is soft edition manage to send get the better of legal ” , yellow dawn has feeling ground greatly to say. Ministry of career of these a few years of soft edition makes next assorted fists on cost control. Ministry of soft edition career makes control of cost of good raw material, execute much channel rate of exchange to purchase, implementation raw material is purchased fall cost. Support birth control falls cost. Reasonable and certain production plans, decrease change model frequency, reduce waste, situation of accurate judgement market, science plans production, incorporate as far as possible, reduce model, norms, execute the production that distribute a line, implementation is long, successive change drive production, raise n. Support technology progress falls. The key promotes a number soft edition n, supply from upriver raw material grab, grab from black film quality, increase proud change equipment to throw use strength, improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality. Strengthen model and order management, science organizes production, improve manufacturing efficiency. Compress norms model, by original 100 many, adjust for model of 70 many norms, execute production of special railway line, improve efficiency, increase produce can. Risk canal accuses to keep department of career of basis   soft edition from raw material, “ control of two gold ” , client manages a few respects to do risk canal to accuse, reduce management risk effectively, assure to move smoothly. Do safety of good raw material to supply. Ministry of soft edition career takes raw material safety seriously to supply, do good raw material to protect for the job, they and raw material supplier build good cooperative relationship, actor is enjoyed for goods; Seek entrance raw material actively to replace, ready-made is ready for any eventuality; To commonly used monomer, accomplish offer money in time. Take “ seriously canal of two gold ” accuses. Strengthen pair of goods in stock and receivable money management, reduce capital to take up, reduce management risk. Establish target consciousness. Chase season to decompose index, make sure produce and sale measures month by month to grow, raise produce and sale to plan the rate that finish. Enhance client faithfulness to spend. The drive that has made of all kinds staff works, have drive to agency, salesperson, enhance technical service, the faithfulness that enhances a client is spent and felt force. In four quarters, ministry of soft edition career grinds actively sentence be restricted the electric impact to staple market, attention circumstances changes, had done the stock up of commonly used norms ahead of schedule, contented market is supplied. Face intense market competition, and the new characteristic with unpredicatable market, face economy to develop the area is restricted report is restricted to produce pair of user demand to cause affect and bring uncertainty to production, yellow dawn expresses, goal of career of soft edition of Le Kaihua light determination is changeless, changeless, the echelon formation set out that they are producing towards soft edition, side with top-ranking soft edition stride of goal of production.

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