A few days ago, the Lingrove of newly established enterprise that Diamond Edge Ventures of subsidiary of chemistry of 3 water chestnut invested to be located in American los angeles. The main product of this company is flax fiber enhances plant colophony base composite material, this is a kind of 0 carbon discharge composite material, lingrove company plans to realize the industrialization of this technology through this financing.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The Ekoa plant of Lingrove company base composite material relatively carbon fiber composite material is light 15% , but its use E Bo a rope for towing a boat in aviation however than stiffness over composite material. In the meantime, the damping ability of Ekoa composite material is Bo fine 3 times of composite material, relatively carbon fiber composite material also tower above 20% . It is reported, ekoa composite material has been made in musical instrument and household design domain is used at replacing the traditional mainstream data such as lumber, sequel application still includes dial of electric car apparatus, hutch to defend things and sound insulation board to wait. Ekoa wearability is good, but mould pressing, can last what can regard other as composite material substitute. Two companies plan what realize new material inside 2022 to commercialize. Because raw material is industrial utility,finite flax is mixed plant radical colophony, because its price and this tradition are plastic,comparative. Current, after electric car manufacturer is undertaking to this composite material, the share tests, hopeful realizes batch to turn application.

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