Height of party, the State Council takes heavy goods seriously to protect work for certain price. Fulfil the State Council to carry out standing conference spirit, on May 23 morning, development is reformed appoint, industry and informatization ministry, country endowment appoint, the market superintends inspect of total bureau, card to be able to wait for 5 departments to sit a meeting, the key enterprise that talked about the industry such as iron ore, rolled steel, copper, aluminium to have stronger market force about jointly, association of iron and steel industry, nonferrous metal association attends. The conference points out, since this year, price of partial heavy goods rises considerably continuously, price of a few variety blazes new trails repeatedly tall, cause each respect to pay close attention to extensively. Epicycle rises in price is a variety of elements the result of joint action, already international conducts an element, also a lot of respect report are put in excessive speculation to acclaim behavior, disturbed and regular produce and sale circulates, produced effect of add fuel to the fire to rising in price. Conference requirement, concerned key industry should rise a station, establish overall situation consciousness, perform social duty actively, stimulative fluctuation parades course of study coordinates development, defend state of exceedingly of industry good people; Want aggrandizement law consciousness, comply with law to be managed in order, be the first uphold order of value of heavy goods market, must not collude with each other operate market price case, concoctive diffuse rises in price information, do not get corner Ju Ji, fool case of raise up the price. Concerned guild wants from be helpful for the angle that long-term health expands the trade, fulfill industry autonomy correctly to organize function, produce effect of good bridge bond, direct industry business strengthens self-discipline, it is normal to defend good trade jointly market order. The conference is clear, next, will dog closely about superintendency branch price of the heavy goods that monitor goes situation, strengthen heavy goods futures and spot market linkage to superintend, to violating behavior “ 0 patient ” , increase continuously execute the law examination strength, the platoon is checked unusual trade to be acclaimed with ill will, determined lawfully severity is investigated reach executive forestall agreement, diffuse false information, fool the illegal behavior such as Ju Ji of case of raise up the price, corner. Join meeting enterprise and guild to express, will according to talk about remind a requirement, serious standard produces management action, cogent perform social duty, insist to comply with law manage, make positive contribution to build the market of harmonious stability and price order.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City