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Hair change appoint: Finance of project of cable of onshore to new approve wind no longer allowance

Development is reformed appoint will say on June 11, rose 2021, finance of project of cable of onshore to new approve wind no longer allowance, execute par to get online; Built project online electrovalency 2021, generate electricity by local coal fired fiducial price is carried out; Build a project to be able to be commercialized through participating in of one's own accord trade form online electrovalency, with better the value of green electric power that reflects Guang Fufa report, wind report. Carry out since August 1, 2021. In recent years, industry of our country new energy grows continuously. Up to by 2020, machine of outfit of wind report, Guang Fufa report achieves about 530 million kilowatt, it is 18 times 10 years ago. Development is reformed appoint concerned chief says, as industrial technology progress, efficiency promotes, build cost of project of Guang Fufa report, wind cable to drop ceaselessly in recent years, had had par online requirement currently, the industry gets online to also form high consensus to par. Adjust this release clear and strong price signal, be helpful for bringing each respect into play to invest enthusiasm, drive industry of wind report, Guang Fufa cable to accelerate development, promote the new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources to build, carbon of the implementation that help strength amounts to peak, carbon to neutralize a goal. According to calculating, generate electricity in coal fired of executive each district below the circumstance of fiducial price, built complete lifecycle of project of cable of smooth hot season, onshore wind 2021 average yield all is in better level, the builds project, technology and efficiency to precede it is better to build a project to be able to come true gains of the province with resource good condition. Adjust this clear still, rose 2021, new approve (put on record) project of maritime wind cable, smooth heat generates electricity project online electrovalency is in charge of division system to decide by local provincial price, can form what have a requirement through emulative configuration means, coal fired of place of online electrovalency prep above generates electricity of fiducial price, the part of fiducial price less than by settle accounts of business of electrified wire netting. Encourage each district to publish specific aim to give aid to policy, support is Guang Fufa report, onshore wind report, maritime wind report, smooth heat generates electricity wait for new energy industry to last healthy progress. Chief expresses, this is helpful for each district combining policy of program of local resource condition, development, support to wait, reasonable make build maritime wind report, smooth heat to generate electricity policy of project online electrovalency.

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