On May 10, by contain limited company of new material science and technology into the Hainan China that amounts to engineering limited company to assume fundamental design and detailed design (” of Hua Cheng of Hainan of “ of the following abbreviation) polycarbonate project (first phase) 240 thousand tons / year device of double phenolic A finishs total circulation to operate, yield product of eligible double phenolic A, indicate device casts a double phenolic A makings drive successful, turn into production to try moving phase in the round. Device of double phenolic A fills one of main unit in polycarbonate project for Hainan China, use engineering technology of A of KBR/MCC double phenol. Device is amounted to postpartum will reduce cost of raw material of device of downstream PC of double phenolic A effectively, perfect catenary of industry of upper reaches of polycarbonate new material, to Hainan Hua Cheng produces course of study and product structural adjustment, implementation to upgrade to the transition of industry of new and high data the sense is great. This device drives successfully to also amount to company “ carbon to become the brushstroke that the development of technology of 3 ” industry adds thick Mo Chongcai again, the high quality that is a company can develop continuously add situation ode can. This project first phase always invests 4.5 billion yuan, basically build 224 thousand tons / year carbonic acid device of 2 benzene ester, 260 thousand tons / year the two old technology such as polycarbonate device produce device, 240 thousand tons / year device of double phenolic A, 100 thousand tons / year carbonic acid device of 2 armour ester and establishment of relevant form a complete set. Project 2 period the plan always invests 13 billion yuan, will build 600 thousand tons / year a propane dehydrogenation device, 40/24 10 thousand tons / year phenol / acetone device, 400 thousand tons / year polypropylene device, 240 thousand tons / year device of double phenol A, 100 thousand tons / year carbonic acid 2 armour, swim downward modified of industrial plan PC, form 100 thousand tons / year the dimensions of PC alloy. Hainan China contains polycarbonate item is Hainan province large industry project and eastern city priority discipline, what polycarbonate industry saves fill Hainan after building is blank, upgrade to driving Hainan industry transition, development of economic high quality has important sense. 2021, in petrifaction of horse of god of sanded, smooth coal, short for Zhejiang Province builds go into operation in succession, double phenolic A always produces country can increase 660 thousand tons / year reach 2.64 million tons / year. 2022, as the put into production that Hainan China fills, and constant of luck of the Jiangsu inside year 240 thousand tons, Guangxi Hua Yi 200 thousand tons, dark blue city changes 200 thousand tons to wait for device to also will build go into operation in succession greatly, by 2022, double phenolic A always produces country can hopeful increase sharply reachs 3.5 million tons / year above. Watch. Company of production of existing double phenolic A reachs home produce can (10 thousand tons / year)

Company nameProduce can
Division think of achieve polymer () limited company50
Zhejiang is petro-chemical limited company48
Changchun chemical industry (Jiangsu) limited company40.5
Inc. of far chemistry of dimension of benefit China beneficial24
In sanded (Tianjin) petrifaction limited company24
Hainan China contains limited company of new material science and technology24
Limited company of polycarbonate of petrifaction of hill of swallow of the petrifaction in Beijing18
South Asia is plastic industry (Ning Bo) limited company15
Nantong stars synthesizes data limited company15
Material with carbon element of Ma Ju of god of Henan smooth coal is finite liability company13
Limited company of chemical industry of Mitsui of the petrifaction in Shanghai12
Hui Zhouzhong believes chemical limited company4
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