The report of “ maritime wind that GWEC of wind energy board is issueing newly 2021 reports to predict in ” , 10 years maritime wind report adds future newly installed capacity will achieve 235GW, it is current market dimensions about (35GW) septuple, anticipate tower above than last year 15% . The report thinks at the same time, suffer the market to be driven energetically, report of maritime 2021 wind adds installed capacity newly to raise one times above than 2020. Suffer the element effect such as new coronal epidemic situation, add outfit machine 6.1GW newly 2020, slightly under the 6.2GW 2019. But GWEC expresses, as a result of online electrovalency allowance will this year the bottom expires, record-breaking maritime wind report builds upsurge to be being performed in ground of like a raging fire, predicting report of maritime 2021 wind to increase a size newly will be last year double what increase a size newly. According to GWEC data, add report of 3.1GW maritime wind newly 2020, occupy add newly (6.1GW) half above. To the end of 2020, report of accumulative total wind installed capacity close 10GW, exceed Germany, rank 2; Hopeful exceeds England this year, become accumulate the market of maritime wind cable with big installed capacity. Nevertheless, after the allowance end 2021 ends, the market is added fast predict to will put delay apparently, prospective growth basically will depend on a place support the competitive ability that goes up in power market with this industry. Divide Europe, reach Japan, Korea to wait for market of cable of wind of Asian float type, the United States also will be one of crucial driving force that 10 years maritime wind report increases future. GWEC expresses, to 30 year end, american water area predicts to make report of 28.4GW maritime wind, near the end of 30GW of Bai Dengzheng government office. Director of GWEC market strategy expresses: “ is in England, with Germany lead, go 10 years, we see maritime wind report appeared to grow unprecedentedly. Look into future 30 years, 40% what the Asia will take the market, next Europe (32%) , North America (18%) . ”Notable is, GWEC mentions: “ is current, installed only come true to 2050 clean 0 targets place wants maritime wind report installed capacity (2000GW) 2% . Although predict to achieved 270GW 2030, but 13% what also take an aim only. ”“ is in the tremendous potential respect of maritime wind report, we just saw an iceberg one horn. Bank group report shows, with current technology, latent capacity of maritime wind phone exceeds 71 thousand GW, it is will calefacient control the key under 1.5 ℃ but industry of second birth energy. ”

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