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GW165-5.2MW! Golden wind science and technology is new onshore prototype of table of big sign made of baked clay unit succeeds and net

Recently, prototype of table of aircrew of GW165-5.2MW of product of platform of GW 5S of golden wind science and technology is successful and net, science and technology of open gold wind is onshore new era of big sign made of baked clay unit. As Jin Feng science and technology answers the new generation product of demand of wind cable market in the round, GW165-5.2MW aircrew 2020 Beijing international wind energy is exhibited second appear (period of report of navigate · new wind | Jin Feng science and technology releases product of high-powered flagship of GP21 of platform of permanent magnetism of new generation straight drive and series) , finished table prototype hoisting in July 2021. Product of GW 5S platform uses platform to change, modular development concept, on the foundation of the course of technology of straight drive permanent magnetism that matures in science and technology of successive gold wind, optimize aircrew design continuously, impeller diameter amounts to 165m, 5~6MW of rated power limits, get used to IIIB of wind area type. Product of this platform series has control of high electricenergy production, high reliability, intelligence, environment friendly, capacity can expand, integrated cost effectiveness is classy and a lot of advantage, offer cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS for the client more the solution of wind cable project with higher quality of actor, development. High electricenergy production product of platform of     GW 5S accedes fan of intelligence of golden wind science and technology is admirable gene, undertake designing optimizing improvement continuously, promoted catenary of overall and electric drive effectively efficiency, have dynamo efficiency tall, without excitation loss, fault rate low good point, can satisfy temperature of 40 ℃ environment to issue full shipment not to fall all right look, electricenergy production photograph than going up generation product can promote significantly 16% . Low volt standard of comprehensive embarking 900V 3 n convertor, compare a tradition two n, efficiency of electric energy changeover can promote 1% , the rated electric current of coequal power is contractible about 25% . The course of technology of straight drive permanent magnetism that Gao Ke relies on product of platform of GW 5S of sexual     to hold to golden wind science and technology to mature, the component is safeguarded less, easily, without shaft coupling, wait for a design without gear case. The moving outstanding achievement that this platform is based on golden wind science and technology to exceed unit of 37000 straight drive and carry go by of 20 years check, applied failure mode and sequential analysis (FMEA, method of Failure Mode And Effects Analysis) , of shirt-sleeve maturity go up advantage of generation 4S platform, it is the product of platform of technology of new straight drive that exert oneself of golden wind science and technology makes. In the technology advanced sex is mixed on dependability achieved integratedly current the Gao Shuiping of straight drive unit, barrier of average without reason can be counted with Xiaoshi (MTBF, mean Time Between Failure) get promoting considerably. Wind of “ of science and technology of comprehensive embarking Jin Feng reachs platform of GW 5S of   of intelligent control   ” solution, for new generation wind-force intelligence of generation set infuse changes control spirit. “ wind comes ” solution by quantity field custom-built, produce synergism, can flexible and net, safe control, environment is friendly with the user friendly composition of 6 big module, with custom-built the solution that change, satisfy the requirement of different client, achieve generate electricity sex of function, on the safe side and electrified wire netting are friendly etc multidimensional spent function promotion. The environment is friendly reach the rotor diameter with older product of platform of GW 5S of   of adaptability beautiful   and larger aircrew size to bring small effect to nod a promotion, answer the market demand of period of new wind report, assist a client to answer the environmental protection, challenge that waits for a respect with the ground actively. On one hand, decrease permanent the requirement using the land that imposes the many sided such as road of electrical wiring of the ground, road, collect, aid what force achieves cost effectiveness and project efficiency to promote considerably. In the meantime, this platform product has a variety of adaptability to deploy assorted program, have mist of tall onflow, high wind speed, tall moisture, high temperature, tall salt, Gao Hai to unplug wait for an environment to get used to ability. The capacity can expand aircrew of     GW165-5.2MW regards the standard of GW 5S platform as type, apply to IIIB kind standard wind area, adaptability can expand 9m/s is taller even area of year of wind of average wind speed, the capacity can expand to 5.6MW/6.0MW. Modular the versatility that the design assured to product of platform of the generation on platform type and golden wind science and technology is configured, decrease defend spare parts measure, provide cost actor, efficiency for the client taller convenient service. Integrated cost effectiveness actors or actress   is carrying a respect, this product platform considers market of many keys target integratedly to carry border and car demand in development earlier stage, aircrew design construction is compact, size control is reasonable, the difficulty that can reduce land transportation considerably and carriage cost. In the meantime, the plan of odd lamina hoisting that develops in the light of this platform product, will raise hoisting to run wind speed greatly, lengthen hoisting window period, shorten effectively hoisting cycle, reduce hoisting cost.

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