Are next generation subways long what kind of? The element of science and technology of what hard nucleus will add? What different experience will bring for the passenger? As we have learned, in the past two months, ” of train of subway of carbon fiber of the generation below the “ that participates in development by Guangzhou subway already favourable geographical position of “ secret ” uses blame operation time to be in Guangzhou the subway finished circuit experiment to work on 8 lines, this also is this model second the experiment on domestic operation circuitry. Carbon fiber bodywork, tall speed per hour is 140 kilometers, full automatic drive ability, touch the ” of “ future subway that will be known well below …… of window of car dominating screen.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

” of “ future subway is finished in Guangzhou second debug

This year in June, ” of train of subway of carbon fiber of the generation below “ tries successfully in Qingdao run. After this, this subway model that gets attention fully is entered with respect to “ secret ” debug level, also did not come out again further information. Southern daily, southern + the reporter understands from Guangzhou subway, ” of train of subway of carbon fiber of the generation below “ is by in the much home unit such as subway of Guangzhou of combination of Inc. of car of engine of car Qingdao all directions is developed through 4 years, in the past two months, second in domestic operation circuitry (Guangzhou subway 8 lines) on develop circuit test, can take at an early date for the passenger on so modern subway train laid a foundation. According to introducing, ” of train of subway of the generation below “ is the A of 6 organizing into groups car, because represent technical tide of future, be called again ” of “ future subway. Train used include: Completely electric machinery of drawing of inverter of carbon fiber bodywork, carborundum, permanent magnetism, active suspension and new-style sound insulation fall the new technology such as a confusion of voices and material, came true truckload decrease heavy 13% , integrated and energy-saving 15% . In the meantime, this train high rate can amount to 140 kilometers, also compare traditional A car faster, run whole process to have full automatic drive ability. The crucial function index that leaves ” of generation subway train for “ of test and verify, guangzhou subway plans meticulously, assemble net of car, contact, orbit, safe, department is multiplied wait for each major picked troops is strong will form test group, the scuttle time after using 8 lines operation to end begins train drawing apply the brake, move stress, kinetic, unmanned road-sense, be based on straight drive permanent magnetism of synchronous drawing electric machinery double stream make drawing the system is compositive farewell of energy of technology, apply the brake closes wait for multinomial experiment, comprehensive test and verify leaves the relevant technology index of generation subway train. Through the effort of nearly 2 months, each circuitry experiments and run demonstrative job to be finished smoothly. Controller of subway of Guangzhou of task of ” of train of subway of the generation below “ expresses, science and technology innovation serves as the important way that leads an enterprise development since Guangzhou subway is long-term, advance ” of subway of construction “ wisdom energetically, offer for the citizen more more safe, convenient, more the intelligence, subway that has temperature more serves.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

  ” of “ future subway is full of wisdom, car window changes to be touched personally dominate big screen

” of “ future subway will be full of wisdom, run whole process to be full automatic drive, air conditioning and illume all use intelligent adjustment. Fancier is, car window changes to be touched as one side dominate big screen, click car window with finger tip, can watch the video, news that browse on car window, watch TV program …… in addition, train of ” of “ future subway installed powerful intelligence to monitor with early warning system, real time feels train position, plan traditional “ to repair ” to upgrade to repair ” for advanced “ condition, no matter move, give breakdown to be repaired at any time at any time. Noise and rock are the normal of traditional subway, did not come to “ however subway ” train, these will make the history. According to introducing, train of ” of “ future subway uses completely active and pensile technology, can explore railroad car vibration, real time undertakes modulatory to pensile system, make its always lie of beautiful decrease brace up condition, car moves smoother; Apply new-style sound insulation to fall noise of passenger compartment of material of a confusion of voices, equipment reduces 5 decibel above. The application of these new technologies, make train of ” of “ future subway although with speed per hour 140 kilometers move, still can keep quiet and smooth. Train of ” of “ future subway returns can free “ to change body ” , namely ” of “ agile organizing into groups. Can change according to passenger flow, match to the random inside 12 limits in 2 railroad car, reduce operation cost, get used to abominable operation environment at the same time. No matter high temperature, Gao Han, Gao Hai unplugs, still be ditty line, big ramp, train can run freely.

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