January, coil in the film that passes 4 months reduce thin test, after evaluate and be being approved via technical quality branch, guangzhou petrifaction is in share tray to leave factory comprehensive promotion uses 0.12mmFFS to weigh film in colophony product, in keep original below the premise of function of bagging of the bag that weigh film, reduced the cost that pack effectively already, decreased to pack pollution again. In implementation FFS weighs film to wrap bagging to decrease thin go up to the foundation of 0.14mm target, in July 2021, chemical career ministry is mixed according to the data of petrifaction group company that pack leave factory establishment improves special job to ask, allotted about print and distribute " synthetic resin product is packed with cold drawing the technology that cover film asks " and " the bag of 0.12mmFFS heavy film that pack reduces thin executive guide " announcement, the requirement was used before the bottom 2022 share tray to leave factory the ply of the bag of FFS heavy film that pack of colophony product should be decreased thin to 0.12mm. Guangzhou petrifaction fulfils group company requirement seriously, and ego pressurization, heavy film is finished to reduce thin test and the goal that promotion application works before putting forward to strive to be by 2021. To ensure this work of the task finish satisfactorily, guangzhou petrifaction is made decrease thin carry out push a plan and appoint executive chief. In July 2021 portion, made 0.120mmFFS weigh velar technology demand, coil with film film of supplier communication try out coils production and deliver goods matters concerned, inform the equipment that pack of the manufacturer to the home does fine installation applicability to intend the work; August, plan of work out try out, according to the principle of successive, first small test, again small lot test, hind large quantities of quantities check. 10-12 month, according to try out plan, guangzhou petrifaction undertook those who reduce thin product film coils for many times pack and delivery of cargo from storage, the product carries means to include highway and water route, dog closely car of outfit of product of every batches of tests, carry reach reach client spot land each link. In whole test process, all did not receive undesirable feedback, the specification is decreased thin the FFS heavy film after can satisfy the quality that shares tray product outer packing completely to ask. On the foundation that succeeds in try out, january, guangzhou petrifaction is in share tray to leave factory comprehensive promotion uses 0.12mm FFS to weigh film in colophony product, the plan that compares ministry of career of group company chemical industry asked to shift to an earlier date nearly one year. Share tray colophony product to leave factory at present by the company quantity computation, predicting film coils decrease thin can reduce the cost that pack every year to make an appointment with 400 thousand yuan.

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