Boots eventually be born. Late on September 3, lu Xi chemical industry releases announcement to say, in buying a person, change control a finite liability company (next weighing that ”) is changed to buy chemical industry of hold Lu Xi secondhand in “ the share of 48.93% . Change in will hold water in May this year, country of the State Council endowment appoint it is exclusive and contributive person mixes the company to control a person actually, president is Ning Gaoning of ” of child cowherd of “ state-owend enterprise. Center look forward to takes over   of chemical tycoon   on September 3, lu Xi chemical industry " Inc. of group of Lu Xi chemical industry buys transaction " (next weighing “ " buy transaction " ”) , change in delimit through state-owned equity free turn means is obtained in turn group and chemical group the equity of 100% , the Lu Xi chemical industry that invests aggregate hold is changed in group of Lu Xi of group subordinate holding company is being changed to mix in be being bought secondhand thereby 931 million, occupy the 48.93% of company total capital stock about. Among them, the Lu Xi chemical industry that carries hold of group of Lu Xi of subordinate holding company is changed in 492 million share, 25.85% of total capital stock of Zhan Luxi chemical industry, the Lu Xi chemical industry that investment hold changes in passing subordinate holding company 439 million share, 23.08% of total capital stock of Zhan Luxi chemical industry. Before this in the large stockholder that changing investment is Lu Xi chemical industry, recombine after finishing hind in change hold a scale to occupy than close half the number.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Basis " appear on the market the company buys administrative way " the 63rd clause (one) regulation, via the government approval of management department of state-owned perhaps asset undertakes state-owned asset free delimits turn, change, amalgamative, bring about investor to appear on the market in the proportion that the share of rights and interests has to occupy this company to already issued share in the company exceeds 30% , investor can be avoided want to make an appointment with at giving out. Be being changed in is approve by the State Council, country of the State Council endowment appoint group and chemical group are changed to carry out combination to recombine in agreeing, national endowment appoint fulfil contributive person obligation on behalf of the State Council, and will medium in changing group and chemical group whole to delimit, change. What reforming establishs is medium change hold a scale to exceed 30% , in meaning, change do not need to be given out to Lu Xi chemical industry buy want to make an appointment with. Notable is, group and chemical group combination are changed to recombine item to had obtained the market to supervise administrative total bureau to center antitrust to examine about operator in do not grant to illicit is approved and already was finished condition foreign minister closes or the antitrust of the area examines a program, recombine jointly carry out nonexistent antitrust obstacle. The purpose   that in recombining to stand, changes this year in March, country of the State Council endowment appoint allot " about in the announcement that turns group limited company and chemical group limited company to recombine " (national endowment sends reform [2021]29 date) the specification is changed to mention in reaching, to deepen state-owend enterprise reform further, optimize resource configuration, develop synergism, cogent improve the innovation ability in the sources of energy, chemical industry and agricultural domain and industrial position.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Child cowherd of “ state-owend enterprise”Change in by in change group and chemical group combination to recombine, public data shows, president is changed to be Ning Gaoning in, also be called by industry ” of child cowherd of “ state-owend enterprise. 1987, homecoming of peaceful tall Ning Liuyang joins Hua Run (group) limited company (next weighing ”) of group of “ Hua Run, have successively held the posts of the post such as general manager, president. 1999 group of profit of China of in control of, through buying conformity, turn to a foreign trade company industrial give priority to, involve landed, beer, retail, spin, power plant, pharmacy, building materials many domains. Total assets of China profit group also comes true break up time, on the station -727379968 close greatly. 2004, ning Gaoning “ is airborne limited company of group of the food in ” , the business unit of dispersive to the company sex undertakes conformity, put forward “ from field the strategy of entire industry chain to mensal ” , introduce pattern of line electrify trade. Group of the food in be opposite high rather rather subsequently is transformed finish, company of department of the grain in “ Home ” much also is finished appear on the market. 2011, ning Gaoning holds the position of new chairman of unconscious ox board of directors; 2013, hold the position of the preside of APEC industrial and commercial board. 2016 - during 2021, group and chemical group are changed to hold the position of Party committee secretary to hold president concurrently in coulding there be high to be in early or late again rather one duty. Lu Xi turns industrial performance to good, those who express to won't adjust Lu Xi chemical industry at present is change in advocate business Wu. Half annals showed 2021, lu Xi chemical industry realizes business income first half of the year forteen billion four hundred and seventy-one million yuan, grow 94.73% compared to the same period; Profit of net putting in a mother 's charge 2.632 billion yuan, grow 1064.17% compared to the same period; 2 quarters business income 8.255 billion yuan, annulus comparing grows 32.8% ; Profit of net putting in a mother 's charge 1.633 billion yuan, annulus comparing grows 63.42% . Wu Zheng certificate points out east, since 2021, company advocate amine of the acyl inside alcohol of battalion product fourth laborious, polycarbonate, oneself, nylon 6, different rate of DMC equal in value case rises. The company makes garden of industry of unifinication new material, formed chain of industry of new material of relatively complete coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, fluorine silicon chemical industry and chemical industry. The company develops high-end new material in extend, total investment is as high as 14 billion yuan. Among them, 6 purposes produce per year amine of the acyl inside oneself, nylon can control for 600 thousand tons. The Lu Xi chemical industry that develops downwind downstream encounters a paragraph of episode last month. On August 9, lu Xi chemical industry releases announcement to say, the village believes limited company of Davy science and technology of 10 thousand abundant (”) of Davy of “ of the following abbreviation, contented family name is round-the-world company of technical finite liability (family name of contented of “ of the following abbreviation ”) changes industry group Inc. with Lu Xi (“ of the following abbreviation, in Stockholm chamber of commerce arbitral orgnaization offers arbitral application. Adjudicating a result is Lu Xi chemical industry was used get protective information design, construction, operation mellow factory of its Ding Xin (namely multivariate mellow device) , was disobeyed accordingly and continueing to disobey " confidential agreement " , recoup each cost total money makes an appointment with 749 million yuan. Zhang Lei of company vise general manager expresses, because experience of collaboration of international of one's early years is scant, violated confidential agreement, pay enormous price, will draw a lesson henceforth. But do not affect a company to already built multivariate of mellow factory move. As in change reforming to end, on one hand, lu Xi chemical industry also will obtain more resource to support; On the other hand, in subordinate enterprise is being changed to include in, change blue sky, medium the status that changes coincide of product of part of group of plastic, raise farming and existence of Lu Xi chemical industry or likeness, existence a person of same business competes. How standard and eliminate competition of a person of same business, also be medium the issue that turns need to think.

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