On March 4, research of technology of key of group of windward electric machinery and equipment develop “16MW class of great capacity ” project is started the success can be installed to hold in the sea, the unit of much home member that comes from catenary of industry of cable of shipping group wind was participated in meeting that start. 2021, report of domestic maritime wind is about to enter par, face those who exceed 50% to get online electrovalency falls, sea outfit rolled out domestic fund the 8MW of class of 200 meters of above, 10MW is maritime par type, in the meantime, combine the analysis of integral solution, engineer and got order of batch of price of n of 3 maritime wind, led price of maritime wind n the period. 2022, maritime wind report times of par of make one's bow, research floats technology of type wind cable and development more high capacity type, into challenge peaceful price to answer far-reaching sea the industry consensus of maritime market. This year first half of the year, take the lead by sea outfit, shipping of hi-tech of industry letter ministry is special domestic station dark open sea of support floats type demonstrative project, install implementation and net. And to more for the type of high capacity, with Fujian, another name for Guangdong Province east reach Hainan is local wait for year of average wind speed 8.5 meters / the maritime wind electric field of second above, the beautiful that made 16MW and model of above power social estate uses the market. Group of windward electric machinery carries sea of class of sea outfit 16MW grow 126 meters of lamina, aircrew adopts plan of permanent magnetism of new completely compositive middling speed, through stability at the same time control and load are optimized reach unifinication of canister of overall, tower, foundation to realize unit performance beautiful. Be worth what carry is, 16MW class sea is windward design of system of electric machinery group, engineering technology, make program of compositive, test all be finished independently by sea outfit, can come true to be able to accuse independently. Current, aircrew of 10MW of report of domestic and international maritime wind all is in batch application phase. Be in more high capacity sea is windward respect of electric machinery group, domestic and international overall business in succession layout, try market of race to control and technical commanding elevation. The sea is installed since group of electric machinery of 5MW maritime wind, leading maritime wind report the development of long lamina aircrew all the time, started 16MW level is overall development hopeful achieves international banner level.

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15-18 December

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