On July 29, group of spring of emperor of enterprise of domestic synthetic resin is started formally explain buy, this second plan to be issued publicly 8, 1.06 million, hold the proportion of total capital stock after issueing for 10.46% , explain buy code for 707589, explain buy the price to be 24.01 yuan / , onefold account explain purchase upper limit 24, 000, top case explain buy need 240 thousand yuan to match market prise. Issue after finishing, company total capital stock predicts not to exceed 77, four million seven hundred and seventy-six thousand eight hundred, this second issue total of predicting collect capital to be about 194, six million two hundred and fifty thousand six hundred yuan, deduct after issueing charge, will use at composite material of phenolic aldehyde high end and enlarge of colophony form a complete set to produce an item respectively, cast transform with filter of pottery and porcelain and automation of rising head product line reach enlarge to produce project, division to achieve a center to build project of chemical of electron of project, high end and compensatory circulating fund. Position of bibcock of industry of deep ploughing synthetic resin highlights   increasingly current, crop of resinous of our country phenolic aldehyde and consumption whole appear to increase a current steadily, market of existence of colophony of high-end phenolic aldehyde supplies breach. Accompanying traffic of domestic car, orbit, building the development of the industry such as electron of energy-saving, metallurgy, consumption, aerospace, the demand to high-end colophony and colophony composite material will increase greatly, the market spends the industry to also will rise further centrally. According to publishing a material, holy spring group held water 1994, it is one pledges with synthetic resin and composite material, biology the research and development of chemical material and relevant product, production, sale gives priority to the company of new and high technology of business Wu, all previous classics is close spade husbandry of 30 years, model of gauge of produce and sale of colophony of company phenolic aldehyde, furan colophony ranks domestic a list of names posted up, front row. Data of book of raise capital by floating shares shows, the company came 6.189 billion yuan to realized business income respectively 2020 2018, 5.882 billion yuan, 8.319 billion yuan; The net gain of partner of vest in parent company 523 million yuan, 471 million yuan, 877 million yuan. On the whole, the business income of the company inside report period and net gain all carry good development state. Innovation of science and technology drives development to quicken industrial catenary fore-and-aft and outspread   regards a technology as demonstrative enterprise of innovation demonstrative enterprise and intellectual property, holy spring group increases research and development to throw continuously, data of book of raise capital by floating shares shows, came 2018 2020, investment of charge of company research and development is 305 million yuan respectively, 295 million yuan, 342 million yuan. As the accretion that research and development throws, the company realized multinomial technology to break through in fractionize industry domain, acquired better technical dominant position and home's lead industry position. Current, the company has churchyard authorization 719, invent 495 among them; Outside the condition 77, the amount is in lead position inside the industry. The company is chaired in all, participate in establish occupation standard and organization and standard, place standard 72, its win the bid allow 35. Aid in what science and technology innovates push, the company is ceaseless to industrial catenary depth outspread. The semi-cellulose in core of corn of litter of company general crop, straw, lignin, cellulose extract of 3 large part is efficient use, formed industry of raw material chemical industry and chain of industry of unifinication of synthetic resin industry, came true to be used to the loop of plant straw. In addition, after pneumonic epidemic situation produced Chu Xinguan 2020, original and wholesome protective equipment produces company union oneself can lay in with the technology, expand quickly to defend with KN95 and one-time plane the epidemic situation such as guaze mask prevents the productivity that accuses to be badly in need of protective equipment, obtain attestation of the European Union, United States CE with the area, FDA early or late, the epidemic situation that help strength is prevented accuse. Book of raise capital by floating shares makes clear, after this second collect capital is finished, holy spring group has the breakthrough produce can restrict, promote research and development capability, raise a company to last further thereby gain ability. Future, in capital market aid push, position of company industry bibcock will get consolidating further.

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