On July 15, in carbonization of Jilin chemical fibber on one workshop product line, black carbon filament twines a canister on machine receiving silk, this mark is worn group of Jilin chemical fibber project of 15000 tons of carbon fiber carbonization line drives successful.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
This product line basically produces 25K is big bundle of carbon fiber, the product applies at wind report form a complete set pull crowded plank and beforehand dip makings domain, order had been discharged this year year end.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Project of 15000 tons of carbon fiber is Jilin a starting project of the garden of industry of Jilin carbon fiber that the province makes mainly, also be Jilin chemical fibber the priority discipline in project of catenary of entire industry of 200 thousand tons of carbon fiber. This project always invests 2.44 billion yuan, introduce domestic and international advanced equipment, build 6 carbonization product line, above of main production 25K is big bundle of carbon fiber. The year after next of put into production can achieve sales revenue 1.76 billion yuan, profit tax 210 million yuan, jilin country promotes carbon fiber company to also will become big carbon fiber to produce base. Since entering equipment to install level on March 13, this project group makes detailed work plan, morning and evening holds harmonious butt joint twice to meet, the organization begins a project to build “ 3 than, 3 look, 3 check ” labor competition, assured safe installation, seed profit installation, orderly installation. In collectivity of Jilin chemical fibber the joint efforts of cadre employee falls, this project shifts to an earlier date two months finish installation job, created the installation record with fast product line of domestic carbon fiber, again confirm auspicious fine speed. On June 6, product line is entered in the round debug phase trying luck, the project combines manage to arrange personnel power, the crucial link key such as oxidation furnace is stared at close, the key task such as the station that make nitrogen centers assault fortified positions, each major such as appearance of craft, equipment, report is debugged the group is harmonious cooperate, concerted effort cooperation, a working procedure get through of a working procedure, disappear of a link is short of a link, drove to lay solid foundation successfully for all fronts. In the meantime, 4 carbonization line also has entered this project phase of equipment installation sprint, predict the put into production at the beginning of August moves, line of carbonization of 7# , 8# also will be released in succession produce can, inside year, the country promotes carbon fiber company to produce per year can will break through 10 thousand tons.

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