Recently, market of Oriental wind cable develops frequency of news of victory to pass, the company wins the bid early or late county of Shanxi muddy source 1000 Buddha mountain disperses area of B of electric field of wind of hill of project of type wind cable, mane Er of case of project of cable of wind of 200 thousand kilowatt, Qinghai scene of project of cable of wind of catchment of Jing Taixi of project of cable of Mu Dongtai wind, Gansu Province, Gansu Province, 410MW of installed capacity of 5 projects accumulative total, all use the G3600-165 double make a present of that Oriental wind report develops independently wind- driven generation set. Double make a present of of G3600-165 of Oriental wind report wind- driven generation set is company 3.6SMW platform turns a product, this platform product covers social estate of power of 3.6MW, 4.0MW, impeller diameter 165 meters, can deploy 150 Mi Rou sexes tall tower canister, cut area of area, low wind speed to answer “ par to get online in the light of onshore Gao Feng ” and report of dispersive type wind are custom-built change development, have generate electricity function exceedingly good, dependability tall, electrified wire netting is friendly wait for an advantage. Since throw on the market, gained the favour of broad user. Enter 3 quarters, each unit is carried out seriously fulfil a company meeting spirit worked in year 2021, change train of thought, elaborate scheme, strong chemical industry makes a canal accuse, hammer and tongs, agglomeration rises complete the powerful resultant force of a sale, in new round of market is developed in, depend on good integral solution, show itself from inside intense competition, win an user approbate.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City