On July 27, you Jianheng is science and technology of wind of attestation center, gold, medium the green of wind report lamina that the company such as material lamina initiates jointly reclaims to hold water formally with applied combine, combine reachs glass reinforced plastics through making blade on one hand goods and retire reclaim the evaluation standard of relevant work segment, implementation lamina retires reclaim the normative butt joint of as active as each job, mix for blade recycle reclaim provide support and power; Will establish cooperative working group on the other hand, undertake below the support of special fund the technology tackles key problem set an example with the project, drive industrial technology to upgrade progress. Come from wind report to develop business, whole mechanism to build manufacturer of business, lamina, reclaim the 19 units delegate that enterprise, tripartite serves trader inside is joined meeting. Dimensions of report of our country wind changes development nearly 20 years, data shows, come to about 1800 wind- driven generation set enlisted in army 2025 expire, this was occupied 2030 come increase sharply 34000. Counteract the practice of the target as “3060” carbon, our country but dimensions of machine of outfit of second birth the sources of energy will increase quickly, at the appointed time, wind- driven generation set enlists in army expire deal with pressure also will expand further. Wind- driven generation set enlists in army unit is used normally after expiring newer, Yan Shouyu retires measure of 3 kinds of technologies, aircrew is updated with retire need undertakes demolishing to having unit, undertake resumptive to the environment and carry out to aircrew and form a complete set undertake reclaiming handling. Among them, wind report lamina and relevant glass steel are aircrew and establishment of form a complete set in difficult reclaim the part of processing. Commonly used now processing program exists not environmental protection, technology the problem such as immature, economy difference, hard industrialization. Meanwhile, the existence inside the industry is superintended be short of break, industrial policy support does not reach the designated position, the bad position such as malign competition, answer midwifery condition to had be notted build, the health that restricted wind cable industry badly develops, the guiding principle of new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources is built to fall in compose, the competition ability that affected wind cable industry and expand latent capacity continuously. Ancient bronze mirror judge Qin Haiyan of attestation center director speaks of in the speech, of blade and vitreous steel reclaim the difficulty that recycle is an industry, also be to matter to wind cable industry whether the serious problem of long-term development, need industry against a rainy day, combine each force, issue appropriate to handle program, should discard as useless to blade jointly wet advent. Nearly two years, ancient bronze mirror judge active tissue industry is allied, solve problem of industry general character through absorbing various and professional knowledge, this ancient bronze mirror judge take the lead establish green of wind report lamina to reclaim to hope to use oneself experience namely with applied combine, build up industry each advantage, reclaim for the industry recycle offers a solution. Ancient bronze mirror judge be domain of lamina of report of our country wind detect attestation brand, also be home participates in technology of blade relative standard to study duration is long, participate in thorough tripartite orgnaization, swim up and down with industrial catenary the enterprise began extensive technology and project collaboration. Green of wind report lamina reclaims to hold water with what apply combine included blade factory, overall business of factory, development, lamina reclaims the factory, enterprise that pack, hope with the industry each expert sends force jointly, research makes lamina of report of wind of applicable our country and vitreous steel reclaim the technology of recycle, collective test is disparate the pilot project of technical course; Build, perfect lamina and wind electric field retire reclaiming standard standard system; Innovation collaboration mode, establish special fund; Synchronous seek policy support, the work is begun in many direction synchronism, industry of lamina of the report that it is wind offers the healthy, development course that can last. Combine establishs the conference to go up, ancient bronze mirror judge with Jin Feng science and technology, medium new material of material lamina, times, heavy a Cheng Fei sign blade to reclaim to work with applied project hatch cooperative memorandum; In the meantime, the course proves delibrate, combine held water to approve wind electric field to retire administrative standard and Yanshou of wind report lamina and working group of recycle technology condition, the plan begins relevant work in succession at the near future. Future, combine will induct more industry expert, integrated industry strength builds more perfect blade green to reclaim to use technical system with Yan Shouli, aid promote industrial policy, with market environment perfect, of the renewable resources that makes lamina of megaton wind report reachs goods of glass reinforced plastics reclaim use more efficient environmental protection, health of industry of the cable that it is wind develops continuously escort the Emperor convoy.

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