Announcement of 27 days of night weighs grand prosperous electron, limited company of data of grand prosperous electron obtained wholy-owned subsidiary Zhuhai recently bureau of republican intellectual property awards the 22nd silver-colored prize. The name does not have bittern with tall CTI for Fu copperplate content of epoxy resin combination and its application.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Already obtained the United States Japan's agnate, agnate accredit, to the innovation of the company development and layout of abroad intellectual property have active sense. Product already industrialization, product performance is superior, it is green environmental protection the epoxy resin that do not have bittern, its CTI is worth ≥600V, tg≥150 ℃ , flame retardant amount to UL94-V0 class, caking property is good, can apply extensively at the electronic material such as electric machinery electric equipment and home appliance. Product function achieves international banner level, can replace add model tall CTI product, offer for downstream product without solution of whole of bittern tall CTI, promoted the market of the brand competition ability. Develop at full speed as science and technology, large-scale industry is compositive the formation that change, to human oneself living environment causes what cannot make up for to damage, make environmental protection becomes very pressing thereby. In recent years, electronic technology develops at full speed, the effect that electronic product produces to the environment is increasingly serious, especially electronic rubbish product, at present bittern of department of majority electron product is flame retardant, after bittern fastens combustion, not only the amount that send smoke is large, taste is bad, and meeting generation is caustic very strong halogenate hydrogen gas. Occupy document story additionally, contain haloid fire retardant to be able to produce 2 when high temperature splitting decomposition and combustion flower, 2 benzene and the carcinogen such as furan, europe came on stage " about discarding as useless electric electron equipment dictates " and " dictate about harmful material is being used in the limitation in electric electron equipment " , ask product of the electron after July 1, 2006 must not contain lead, lie between, 6 kinds of material such as chromium of mercuric, 6 price, japan also puts forward not to have the relevant law with flame retardant bittern accordingly, special SONY puts forward to use the data that do not have bittern entirely, because this development is not had haloid and flame retardant substrate material is imperative, had made the attention point of industry. On the other hand, the security that the mankind lives more and more get wide attention of the society. To raise the sex of on the safe side of electronic product, use insulating material below damp ambient conditions especially (wait like electric machinery, electric equipment) sex of on the safe side, developing product of tall insulating properties to assure sex of electronic product on the safe side is in recent years a important development way. The CTI that place of copperplate of Fu of high polymer material checks is worth (ComparativeTracking Index) , show material surface can endure 50 electrolyte (aqueous solution of 0.1 % ammonium chloride) and the tall voltage value that did not form track, its measure the insulation safety performance of this material on certain level, this cost is higher, the insulating properties that represents material is better, because this tall CTI product already made electronic trade,consider to develop a tendency.

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