On August 20, inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind (” of science and technology; Shenzhen bourse: 002202; Hong Kong couplet reachs place: 2208) , announce up to on June 30, 2021 metaphase outstanding achievement (“ reports period inside ” ) . In “30·60” the drive of double carbon target falls, wind report development welcomes new opportunity and prospect. Industry of grip of golden wind science and technology expands opportunity, insist to be with the client oriented, develop innovation continuously, ceaseless pursuit high quality, dimensions changes development. Performance of outstanding achievement of finance affairs of golden wind science and technology is good first half of the year 2021, operation result is satisfactory. 2021 1-6 month, golden wind science and technology realizes business income money 1, 790, three million six hundred and seventeen thousand four hundred yuan, realize money of forehead of integrated gross profit 500, eight million six hundred and ninety-six thousand eight hundred yuan, grow 48.2% compared to the same period, integrated wool interest rate is achieved 28.0% , promote 10.6 percent compared to the same period, realize money of profit of net of attributive parent company 184, eight million five hundred and twenty-four thousand five hundred yuan, rise compared to the same period 45.00% , basic every accrual is money 0.41 yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 42.58% . 2021 is the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of price of n of domestic onshore wind, wind cable industry enters brand-new development period as the arrival of “ par online ” . The core element that the industry competes makes cost change wind report to complete lifecycle cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS from single facility than going all out, the research and development that the company promotes product of form of par wind electric machinery actively and commercialize put into production, and industrial catenary compositive advantage and a series of falling this act organic union, realize the remarkable promotion of ability of gain of product of form of wind electric machinery. Inside report period, the wool interest rate of company fan and component marketing is 20.34% , promote compared to the same period exceed 8.2 percent. Meanwhile, company implementation sells unit capacity external 2, 965.85MW, in hand order 16, 395MW, business of sufficient safeguard future grows continuously. As “ 945 ” the sources of energy develops what the program reachs double carbon goal to put forward, but the dimensions of assets of second birth energy is changed, intelligence is changed, the inevitable trend that unifinication serves integratedly is prospective development. The company seizes this one significant opportunity, accelerate process of service business transition, by move safeguard transform to asset management. The service network that develops company position adequately on one hand answers an advantage quickly, spare parts of safeguard client machine parts or tools kept in reserve is supplied; Occupy innovation of algorithmic, technology to reach through number on the other hand custom-built technical solution, help client finishs digitlization to transform, participate in commercialize electric power to trade, efficiency of promotion capital operation. Prospective company will continue to drive wind report serve business to extend, with safe and efficient, redound actor is value view, manage a solution with highly competitive asset, market of the service after leading wind report innovates continuously, develop the trade that makes solution of banner clean the sources of energy and whole of energy-saving environmental protection to get the person that run hard.

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15-18 December

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