Recently, the netizen communicates a query in the stock market and Dong Bi of golden wind science and technology, what contribution does the company have on fan loop recycle excuse me? Can the fan that at present the company produces reclaim rate for hundred? Response of golden wind science and technology says, the company advocates resource to be changed greatly use as friendly as the environment. In recent years, the company has reproducing technology to develop center and service center, build from old reclaim, content shedding is carried, clean the systematization flow that tears open standard of development of solution, technology, craft, check to check check to apply to dimensions, annual uses reproducing component more than 10 thousand, the material in reducing wind electric field to run a course is used up. This year in July, the company is returned hand in hand ancient bronze mirror judge attestation center, medium 19 enterprises such as material lamina and orgnaization, the green of wind report lamina that initiates jointly reclaims with applied combine, drive blade and vitreous steel to retire reclaim of standard of evaluation of relevant work segment make, implementation lamina retires reclaim the normative butt joint of as active as each job, mix for blade recycle reclaim provide support and power.

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