Amount to what peak, carbon neutralizes a goal to put forward as our country carbon, new energy resources consumes medium proportion to increase ceaselessly in the sources of energy, its replace fossil the sources of energy quickly, present “ scene to get run, much source coordinates ” posture, dominant position is highlighted particularly. “ alludes compose builds the new-style power system that gives priority to body with new energy resources, its want a characteristic is new energy resources holds dominant position, it is form of main the sources of energy, in showing to use n in whole society in electric power of new energy resources, particular system holds main proportion, is to install machine dimensions to pass not only half. New-style power system should have a system of brand-new price of the sources of energy, want to be a principle with low carbon, on the foundation of security of affirmative fire report, stability, redefine fire report is in the value in system of whole electrified wire netting. In the meantime, new-style power system still must have characteristic of green, intelligence, interactive, stair, tall flexibility, socioeconomic, do not supply with n for single goal, want to pay attention to low carbon environmental protection more. ” recently, inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind (next weighing ” of science and technology) the detailed when president Wu Gang is accepting reporter of magazine of electrified wire netting to interview is solved. The innovation is first development of equipment of   future fan has “ one big one small, one litre falls the trend of ” . One big ” points to “ fan stand-alone size will be larger and larger, corresponding impeller diameter and tower canister height also will reach unprecedented level; One small ” points to “ distributed small-sized fan will welcome development opportunity, in the user side that cannot decorate large fan, develop agile, quiet, efficient small-sized fan; A litre of ” points to “ wind report dimensions and capacity are occupied than promoting considerably, admit need in order to satisfy green low carbon; “ falls ” shows in the technology such as large vane wheel, high capacity and tall mast support falls, cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS realizes wind report to drop smoothly. The field is created in wind phone equipment, 2020 the beginning of the year, the new coronal of arise suddenly is pneumonic epidemic situation supplies catenary to ring alarm bell noisy for equipment of phone of our country wind. Increase the crucial component such as fan headstock, lamina to create strength of technical research and development, hoist is homebred turn horizontal demand immediate attention; Accelerate fan to make Xiang Zhi can be changed, digitlization transition, make workshop of intelligent factory, number, dimensions of contented wind report changes development market demand; Pay attention to fan material to reclaim recycle, form circular economy, raise resource to use efficiency, reduce production cost. The field uses in wind cable technology, should promote further and netizen good sex, strengthen wind report to exert oneself forecast, and the digitlization technology application such as margin calculation, big data, artificial intelligence, reach environment of seat landform and air to undertake big data builds a model to field of fan, wind, make field of wind of intelligent fan, wisdom, accept of disappear of stimulative wind report; Should with “ two unifinication ” (“ source net carries on his shoulder or back store ” unifinication, much can complementary unifinication) trend photograph is united in wedlock, chinese style, as distributed as prospective collect generate electricity development trend photograph is united in wedlock, besides raise high-power aircrew to generate electricity efficiency, decrease outside covering an area of an area, exert oneself research and development gets used to bear to carry the fan of diversity setting, and with smooth hot season, store can, the implementation such as system of integrated the sources of energy coordinates garden area interactive. Wu Gang thinks to be in future inside a few years, igneous report exits power market impossibly, with but the new-style power system that second birth the sources of energy gives priority to body needs igneous report to do prop up. Igneous report has the advantage such as supply of peak of safe, attune, safeguard, want to consider how to produce igneous report effect better next. Be in company of electrified wire netting drive, power source side should realize intelligence to change a canal to accuse as soon as possible, should move all load that use phone rise, intelligence is changed can moving load is future the development trend of new-style power system, should cogent let bear end participate in come in, again form a complete set implements flexible electrovalency policy, reform is implemented in system mechanism level. The relevant policy that green card of “ of   of policy support   , green report changes into carbolic index should come on stage as soon as possible, sufficient play uses the initiative of electric side, promote market development with policy mechanism. Optimize wind report to use ground policy, farmland of exploration a rural area takes filling balance policy, reform land management pattern, dish put a quantity to use the land alive. ” at the same time, avoid zoology to protect one knife of “ to cut ” , science makes standard of delimit of zoology red line and administrative way, wu Gang still suggests to publish wind report to build standard of project zoology environmental protection, construction “ environment is friendly model, electric field of wind of zoology benefit ” ; “ of electric field of old old wind is popularized to upgrade with big acting small ” and technical reformation inside limits, at present the partial province such as Shanxi already began this work, obtain favorable result. Realize “ double carbon”If “ wants to achieve goal of ” of “ double carbon, how to perfect construction of green cable market, promote green electricity consumption to appear particularly important. Speak bluntly of ” fierce steel. , the carbolic label such as standard of green report production standard, green garden area and carbolic account should be built as soon as possible. Of all kinds enterprise should take the lead in establishing carbolic account, make carbon discharge implementation year after year to drop. The 2nd, want to strengthen design carrying a layer on the head further in the level, perfect accept of green report disappear ensures a mechanism, ensure wind report but second birth the sources of energy should deliver offer of disappear of sum of the hair, support value that maintain a volume. Compose builds statement of carbolic footmark environment and label, raise consciousness of whole society low carbon, build green report and decrease carbon to evaluate business accounting standard, establish unit GDP carbon to discharge with carbolic gross account, drive company coke to decrease a platoon to evaluate system and carbolic consumption to rank mechanism construction, with commercialize means to promote but second birth the sources of energy develops, abolish subsidy. The 3rd, consume green report as double as “ accuse union of ” target photograph, build each other to identify a mechanism, refine carbon to discharge computational method, raise consumptive side the enthusiasm of green cable of active disappear pay. Future already served as brunt to prop up power source to   future new energy resources, need installs machine dimensions to achieve the 3 times above of groovy unit capacity; New-style power system will have new the sources of energy friendly sex, make ability of accept of disappear of new energy resources get remarkable promotion; As flexibility value reflect, auxiliary service market will mature gradually, it is important that wind report serves as one annulus is participated in among them, this changes a level to raise taller requirement to intelligence of wind report pilot. “ forge iron still needs oneself hard. The dependability of wind report, security, intelligence is changed, it is better that each index such as friendly sex should accomplish electrified wire netting. Next, should but second birth the sources of energy regards brunt as power source, our oneself should accomplish low carbon. Hind, stress economy. Want to fall cost continuously, let be shared completely but the bonus that second birth the sources of energy brings. ” Wu Gang points out. Foreground light, the challenge still is in, wu Gang thinks to include wind report inside development of new energy resources still faces a lot of difficult problem: If why wind cable industry grows middleman and guarantor to oppose benign development in high speed, content of ceaseless promotion technology and production level, form the form product system that has own intellectual property; Whether form fair and orderly market mechanism, green of low carbon of system of real stimulative electric power develops, reveal the green value that new energy resources generates electricity; Policy environment and market mechanism whether the power source investment that drive has enough flexibility moves and participate in adjust, reframe value of traditional the sources of energy; How to build orderly and efficient the sources of energy to assist service market and scientific capacity to compensate a mechanism to will become a key.

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