Cooperate this with Siwangke but “EzCiclo” of colophony of sex of recuperative heat solid is a foundation, headway is gained in respect of wind report lamina, include material to evaluate, component / development of production of wind- driven lamina, business, wait for a respect to enlarge collaboration in conduct propaganda of promotion of sale, trade, policy. “EzCiclo” is colophony of a kind of hot solid sex that can reclaim, broke a tradition to heat up solid sex the confine of epoxy resin. The FRP that EzCiclo produces can pass CleaVER degradation, the fiber that gets reclaiming and colophony reclaim fluid. Reclaiming liquid can use recipe of Yu Feng report afresh or apply at system of recipe of other annulus oxygen, also can use regenerated fiber to achieve circular economy. “EzCiclo” retires for prospective fan lamina brought environmental protection issue offerred new solution. “EzCiclo” combines material at wind Xie Fu besides application outside, OK still and extensive at the domain such as composite material of motion, car applying. Golden wind science and technology, medium center of material, Swancor, general attestation is strong strong together, implementation resource is shared, the advantage is complementary, what promote square product and each service jointly is outspread with development.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City