Recently, by Inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind (next weighing ” of science and technology) ” of sponsorred salon of technology of innovation of catenary of “ lamina industry rings down the curtain satisfactorily. Delegate of more than 40 blade industry catenary assembles in, with respect to development of wind cable industry new condition falls, the topic for discussion such as blade technology innovation and promotion of product competition ability spreads out deepness to discuss. That day, wind science and technology returns gold to be signed with company of chain of 13 lamina industry establish platform of collaboration of technology of innovation of blade industry catenary about, with promoting the innovation technology research of blade industry jointly. The ” of new-style power system that builds new energy resources to give priority to body with “ compose is a target, wind cable industry enters brand-new development period. The times raises taller requirement to the quality of product complete lifecycle and dependability, and blade serves as occupy overall the crucial part that cost exceeds 20% , consequent also need passes ceaseless innovation, meet bigger challenge. Wu Xianyou of general manager of center of research and development of golden wind science and technology expresses: We will offer “ the platform that an industry catenary cooperates, supplier of sufficient combination raw material, lamina makes expert of orgnaization of enterprise, attestation, college, lead continuously and drive catenary of blade entire industry to combine innovation. The research that strengthens pneumatic, structure, material and craft develops strength, the conformity that becomes resource of good innovation technology adequately and share, the integrated technology with sound oneself and service ability, value of client of cogent translate into creates the power that expands with industrial high quality, those who pay attention to industry resource breed with mining, drive whole industry and fluctuation to swim innovation of industrial catenary technology, add result those who carry the respect such as dependability of effect, high quality promote continuously, promote wind cable industry great progress. ”Produce the technical salon that learns to grind to be united in wedlock through this, the associate of Jin Feng and blade industry catenary people with respect to the replacement scheme of epoxy resin development, intelligence changes blade to make technical application, brand-new of blade design standard build jointly, the task such as the design of the research of high-powered wing section, maritime big lamina reached cooperative agreement and established timetable. The breakthrough hopeful of these technologies is in future raises blade function 5-10% inside two years, reduce cost 10-15% , raise blade to produce efficiency and quality considerably. Eaves of the division in coming from can, in material science and technology, heavy connect, medium answer unripe day combines even numerous, Ai Lang, line, grand hair, Kang Da, be filled with 9, more than 10 fluctuation such as times new material and Shuang Rui swim the enterprise is surrounded.

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15-18 December

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