On November 28, 2019, ” of Jin Qilin forum is in the sina of — of new mission of “ new journey that sponsors by sina finance and economics Beijing is held. The “ESG that holds in the corresponding period and can develop ” theme continuously cent forum and enterprise ESG“ gold duty on award ” prize-giving celebration, inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind (next weighing ” of science and technology) have the honor to win 2019“ year of ” of golden duty award can expand award and award of beautiful environment responsibility continuously two large award.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

ESG is English Environmental (environment) , Social (society) with Governance (administer) abbreviate, it is performance of environment of business of a kind of attention, society, processing, the investment concept of mere and financial performance and enterprise evaluate and rather than standard, use an evaluation the enterprise is performing social duty, promote can develop the ability that waits for a respect and contribution continuously, mix in green finance domain in recent years the application on capital market is wide. The company that in commend those make outstanding contribution to ESG career mixes meaning of this second decide on awards through discussion orgnaization. “ gold duty 2 words of ” , like taking meaning “ responsibility to resemble gold precious with massiness ” . Act on the intention that behaves exceedingly good enterprise and greeting of endowment canal orgnaization to ESG, sina finance and economics hopes to pass “ platform of ” of golden duty award, to the example force of mass communication ESG. Selection setting environment having fine (E) responsibility award, beautiful society (S) company of responsibility award, beautiful is administered (G) award of enterprising of responsibility of responsibility award, beautiful, year can develop award, responsibility to invest beautiful bank award, responsibility to invest beautiful continuously stockjobber award, , award await choosing roll is to be based on an enterprise to make public the earning after data and the database such as public feelings of information, news are evaluated integratedly.   Beautiful environment (E) enterprise of responsibility award bear the palm

North accuses water Wu group, wide steam group, building materials, long fly fiber-optic, Oriental aviation, Hua Runsan 9, Jin Feng science and technology, Biyadi, god China, UniComYear can expand business of award bear the palm continuously

Since   of share of profit of the communication of east of science and technology of wind of group of answer star medicine, restful, industrial and commercial bank, UniCom, TCL, gold, Beijing, balefire, bank that start line of business, Yi is long-term, golden wind science and technology is blue sky of water of human dedication green jade with “ , leave more resource ” to be a mission to future, research and development of equipment of phone of dedicated Yu Feng and make, the business such as development of investment of electric field of wind phone service, wind and water Wu. The process is begun in business in, golden wind science and technology thinks from beginning to end environment and society it is important to make contribution be measure a level, set out from long-term development and the point of view that value creates, offer economy for local society reliable green the sources of energy, drive economic society prosperity to develop at the same time, protect the mankind's collective good home; Meanwhile, the consciousness that golden wind science and technology takes on the concept of environmental protection and responsibility blends in a company in processing and business operation process, resource of esteem and protective rich, manpower, society natural resources, build hard lay group of reborn industry modes of life and relation to their environment from symbiosis, each other. 2019 enterprise ESG“ award of responsibility of environment of beautiful of ” of golden duty award is development of pair of business of Jin Feng science and technology approbate, year can expand award continuously is more manage concept and administrative action to golden wind science and technology encourage. Future, golden wind science and technology will continue go with oneself action carry out ESG criterion, to realize economic high quality development contributes force.

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15-18 December

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